Airfares Cheap

Saving money is a priority for travelers, no matter their travel destination. Travelers look for airfares cheap, inexpensive hotels, and discounts on popular tourist attractions The internet has made it possible for travelers to comparison shop in a fraction of the time it used to take to find the best airfare. If you are planning a vacation or you need to travel for business reasons, finding airfares cheap should be one of your first priorities. The Internet is a great resource for dining the best airfare.

Where to Find Airfares Cheap

Websites such as,,, and provide travelers with information they can use to comparison shop. The sites make it easy to compare airline prices, as well as look at flexible travel dates that might offer additional savings. Travelers can also use the site to book hotel reservations and reserve a rental vehicle.

Tips on Getting Airfares Cheap

  • Search for your airline ticket at least four weeks in advance. Last minute deals are rare, so unless you have no choice, book your travel well in advance of your travel dates. Keeping a log of price fluctuations is also a helpful strategy for getting the best price.
  • Purchase your airfares cheap online. This is the most convenient way to purchase tickets and you might be entitled to travel protection through your credit card.
  • Avoid weekend travel. Weekday travel is usually cheaper, so if you are able to choose your own travel date, opt for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday for the best savings.
  • Book flights that departs or arrives early in the mornings or late at nights. Flights at early and late hours are usually cheaper, but not always. Do your research, but be willing to fly during off hours.
  • Compare airline prices on more than one website. Some popular websites offering comparison features are Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia. These sites usually have the same prices, but there are also instances when they do not, therefore several comparisons should be done, as it may save some more money. Once you have narrowed down your best deal, visit the airline’s website to make sure they are not selling the same ticket cheaper.
  • Try bidding websites such as These sites let you enter flexible travel dates and desires, and return the best deal. You will not be choosing a specific hotel or airline, but your willingness to adjust will save you a lot.
  • Make use of discounts that airlines offer. Most if not all airlines offer discounts to senior citizens, students, military member, and those traveling for specific reasons. If you believe you might be entitled to a travel discount, ask the airline before booking your flight.

Finding cheap airfares is easy, but you need to be a responsible traveler. Read the fine print associated with your travel plans. Do not get duped into buying a ticket that will cost you more than you originally planned. Also consider baggage fees. Most airlines are charging exorbitant baggage fees, so a low priced ticket might end up costing you a great deal more than you anticipated. Factor the baggage cost into your airline ticket so you are really getting the best airfares cheap.