Apple iPod Cheap

The Apple iPod is one of the hottest tech devices on the market. Apple iPods have transformed the way users listen to music and watch videos. Unfortunately, they are also expensive, especially for many in the iPod target market. Kids and teens are two of the biggest purchasers of music and musical devices, but many do not have the money for expensive tech gadgets. This is why finding an Apple iPod cheap is an important part of building a great music library.

There are several different types of iPods, so before you decide to buy, do your research. Different generations of iPods have different features, which have a drastic impact on the price. For example, the iPod Touch offers a user friendly touch-screen interface causing the price to be higher than iPods with less advanced features.

The Internet

The Internet can be a great place to find discounts on tech gadgets. Sites such as Ebay and Craigslist offer users options to buy used iPods which are cheaper than new ones. There are also sellers on the site that buy iPods in bulk and sell them for a much cheaper price. Ebay allows individuals to set their own price on an item by bidding for it. If nobody outbids your lowest price, you win the item and it is yours. This helps you keep your cost under control and buy items at a much cheaper rate than if you were paying retail price. There is some risk involved, so be sure to read the seller’s feedback and the complete description of the item before making your purchase.

Half-off Sales/Discounts

Apple keeps tight control over the price of iPods. One way to get your hands on a cheap iPod is to buy it on sale during holiday sales. Christmas is one of the best times to shop for iPods and other tech gadgets because prices are drastically reduced.

Buying Last Generation

As newer and newer generations of iPods are introduced to the market, individuals wishing to get an Apple iPod cheap can buy a generation behind. If you are not concerned about the latest and greatest features, you can get a great deal on a tech gadget. The quality is just as good, but you will miss out on the newest features.

Cheap Stores

Buying an iPod from a thrift store, garage sale, or bargain store might be an option. You will have to get lucky when shopping, but if you are under a budget crunch, it does not hurt to call your nearby retailers. Most of these devices will be used, but many are in great shape. Pawn shops often have iPods for sale, turned in by people who needed quick cash or wanted to upgrade. Again, the devices are used, but they likely worked find when sold, so you are getting a great product for a very low price.

Traveling to Buy

If you live in a less populated area you know you sometimes pay higher prices for items. Though the price of an iPod is less likely affected by your location, you might not have access to the same sales as those living in more densely populated areas. If you are in the market for an Apple iPod cheap and you do not plan to purchase online, consider planning a road trip to the closest nearby city. You can visit the tech stores and compare prices to what you are used to seeing closer to home.







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  1. RJones Avatar

    What a great article! My kids all have to have the Apple iPod, for some reason the knock off brands will not do. So, that leaves me as a parent in a dilemma because I have five kids. Buying Apple iPods at full price can be very expensive. So, I like the suggestion of looking on,, etc. and finding iPods at a discounted price. As we all know, Apple doesn’t discount their prices really so buying from somebody wanting to upgrade is a much more feasible way to go. Buying a generation or two behind is also a great way to save even more money on these expensive little toys.