Cheap Apartments

The search for an apartment can be a grueling task, particularly when combined with the stress of moving. Finding a cheap apartment in a nice neighborhood is a dream come true for many. There are cheap apartments out there that are safe, comfortable, and well-kept. Here are some tips for finding your ideal apartment.


Determine how much you can afford for rent. What is “cheap” to some might not be for others. A budget outlining living expenses such as utilities (electricity, internet connection, water bills), as well as the rent, should be considered. This makes it easier to identify the ideal apartment.


Usually, a larger apartment is going to cost more than a small one. If you are living along and you have only a few possessions, you would be comfortable in a loft or one-bedroom apartment, which are usually the cheapest options. However, if you have others living with you or you have accumulated a great deal of items, you might need a larger, more expensive, apartment. You could consider storing furniture and other items onsite or at a storage facility, if the cost of a smaller apartment is enough to offset the cost of storing your belongings.


In many cases, the location of the apartment is the most important factor. You want to live in a neighborhood that is close to your place of employment and close to your daily activities. However, everyone is going to have different location needs. Obviously, someone who works at home will consider proximity to family and friends more than a work commute. Sometimes people just like certain neighborhoods, so as long as there are cheap apartments available, you can choose to live anywhere you want.

Utilize the Internet

Like most things these days, cheap apartments can be found online. The Internet offers access to apartment community websites, classified ads, and sites designed to connect landlords and renters.

Talk to Your Prospective Neighbors

No matter where you are thinking about living, it is important to get a feel for the community. Talk to others living in an area and determine how happy they are with the building and the surroundings. If you are considering a rental community, ask for references and ask why the previous tenants left. In addition to talking to people, spend time in the community in advance, when possible. Shop at the stores, visit the movie theaters, and walk and drive through the area.

Consult Apartment Publications

Local apartment publications tend to be free and may be found at grocery stores and supermarkets. These magazines tend to present current information since they are updated on a monthly basis.

Also remember you can save money in ways other than low rent. Some apartments combine utility and rental costs, which can save a great deal of money during high utility months. Others offer move in specials and renters can often get months free in their new apartment. Finally, consider sharing your space with someone else. This might mean renting a more expensive apartment, but costs are are reduced when you split the rent. Sometimes, cheap apartments are better shared between two people.