Cheap Audio Books

Audio books are books recorded and reproduced on media formats such as CDs, DVDs or audio cassettes, and most recently are available for download online as MP3 and Windows Media Audio (wma) files. They have become useful substitutes for a physical book in hand because of their portability and ability to be transferred from one medium to another. Audio books can be played using MP3 players, portable CD players or compatible mobile phones.

Many people might not have the time to read paper books, so they choose to listen to the audio versions of books. Audio books are sometimes abridged, but they are also faster to “read” because you can listen while driving or doing other things. Authors have started to release the audio version of their books along with the paper version, which makes it easy for everyone to enjoy a story no matter how much time they have available. Audio books can be purchased in stores, but they are usually cheaper online and can even be found for free in some places.

Locating Cheap Audio Books

When searching for websites with cheap audio books, you should be mindful of the risks that come with downloading files. Audio files are sometimes infected with Trojans and viruses. Careful consideration should be taken when attempting to access audio books online and you should only download from reputable sources online.

There are many websites that sell cheap audio books and occasionally you can even find books for free., which was previously, is a website that offers audio and visual files for free, as well as facilitating the uploading of files. Sometimes files are uploaded at the request of customers. In order to become a member of, people need to register for a free account. Websites like and are just a couple of the many sites that feature cheap audio books. Buyers and sellers need to use their PayPal account to make business transactions on these sites.

If you should find a free audio book available for download, it is important to make sure it is from a reputable site. There are books available on popular websites for free that are perfectly safe. However, if you come across books from random places that seem unfamiliar, you should probably look for your download elsewhere. It is always better to pay a few dollars to download a book than to have your computer infected with a virus.

Benefits of Purchasing Cheap Audio Books

In addition to being able to  do other things while listening to your book, audio books provide people with more physical storage space. Not having to keep stacks of paper books around clears up space for other items and for living. All of your audio books are stored on your listening device, making it one of the most efficient ways to enjoy books. It is also a convenient method for those who are reading to learn about a particular topic. For instance, learning a foreign language from an audio book may be much easier than reading from a text.

Average Prices for Cheap Audio Books

The prices of cheap audio books range from $3 to $5 dollars on websites like eBay and Amazon. Compared to a traditional book this is a fantastic deal.