Cheap Boarding Schools

Some families believe that the public school atmosphere is not right for their child. If home-schooling your child is not an option and a traditional private school is not the right choice, board school might be the option for your child. Boarding schools allow children to have an educational experience independent from their parents. Not only do kids attend classes during traditional school hours, they live on campus and board in the same environment in which they learn. Most boarding schools offer a very concentrated curriculum that prepares students for college and university attendance. Boarding schools help children develop as well-rounded individuals by encouraging participation in co-curricular activities. If you think boarding school would be a great opportunity for your child, but you are concerned about money, there are there are cheap boarding schools that still offer a quality education.

What to Include in Your Search for Cheap Boarding Schools

When searching for the best boarding schools for child consider whether a co-education or single gender school would work best. Some schools allow students to attend co-ed classes, but keep social activities and boarding separate. Other schools are co-ed in all aspects, while some schools are strictly designed for boys or girls. Many families believe that single gender schools will prevent students from being distracted by certain social pressures, but this is not always the case. Speak with your child about their concerns and consider all aspects of the situation before making a decision.

Options for Cheap Boarding Schools

Cheap Boarding schools are located around the world. Parents have the option of choosing one close to home or internationally, depending on the type of experience you want to give your child. In the Unites States, boarding schools are located in most states. A popular boarding school in Maryland, Garrison Forest, offers a co-ed preschool, as well as first through twelfth grade classes. The cost ranges from $4, 400-$19,875 for day-time attendance and just under $30,000 for full boarding. The student body includes less than 700 students. For more information, contact the school at

Another option is Sandy Spring Friends School. This school offers pre-K through 12th grade classes and tuition ranges from $15, 000 to $38,000 for full boarding. The student body is approximately 550  students. For more information, contact the school at A final option in Maryland is the St. James School, providing education for eighth through twelfth graders. The cost is $20,000 for daytime students and just over $30,000 for full board. The student body is much smaller than the other schools with less than 300 students. You can contact the school at

Those looking in the southern Mid-Atlantic region have several options including Chatham Hall. This is an all-girls school offering classes for ninth through twelfth graders. Tuition ranges from $12,600 for daytime students to $35,000 for boarding students. This is a small school with less than 150 students. Another option is the Virginia Episcopal School, offering classes for ninth through twelfth graders. Tuition is $16,000 for day students and $32,000 for boarding students, and the student body size is around 275 students. The school can be contacted at A final option in Virginia is Stuart Hall, a coed day school for students in grades five through twelve. Students grade eight and higher can board onsite. The cost is $11,000 for day students and $34,000 for boarding students. This school has a small student body and can be reached at

Options in New York State include the Haughton Academy, which is a co-ed institution for college preparation. Tuition for domestic students is less than that for international students, so this is a great option for those looking for in-country cheap boarding schools. The GOAL Learning Organization is another option. It is located in Madrid, Spain and offers boarding at an affordable price for those interested in developing soccer (European football) skills.