Cheap Bookcases

Finding cheap bookcases may be a challenge, but the storage you will enjoy is well worth the effort. Whether you are furnishing a home office or you just need storage for your book collection, bookcases are an affordable option. Bargain hunting for bookcases can be frustrating, especially if you have a very specific style in mind. If you are flexible and willing to do a little research, there are plenty of places to find cheap bookcases.

Buying Cheap Bookcases Online

There are plenty of cheap bookcase options online. You can search sites such as Ebay or Craigslist for great deals. If you are willing to purchase a used bookcase your options are even greater. These bookcases may need a bit of refinishing, but improving used furniture is a fun project that results in a completely unique piece. Another great option for cheap bookcases is buying from used furniture stores, thrift shops, or yard sales. The great thing about used bookcases is you can make them look any way you choose. You also enjoy the benefit of haggling when shopping for used bookcases, so a great deal is definitely an option.

Buying Cheap Bookcases

Cheap bookcases are also found at retail stores or online at these store’s websites. You can find great deals on bookcases at and The bookcases are often made of inexpensive materials, but can last a long time and have a lot of style. If you have your heart set on a brand new bookcase, these stores offer a lot of affordable options. Bookcases from these stores are also a great option if you plan to alter them and make them unique.

Making Your Own Bookcase

Another way to save on the cost of a bookcase is to make your own. You will need to pay for materials, but labor is free. The great thing about making your own bookcase is the pride you feel using a piece of furniture in your home created by you. Here are some tips for making your own bookcase:

  • Measure the area where you want to put the bookcase to determine the measurements of the bookcase.
  • Gather the tools you will need so you do not need to search once you start building.
  • Research building materials and purchase what you need. Remember additional items such as wood glue, nails, stain, and sandpaper.
  • You can find helpful building instructions online. Videos are especially helpful, so check Youtube to see the building process in action.
  • Include your family in the building process. Kids will love to help and feel proud of their accomplishment once the shelf is complete.


  • Follow the safety precautions that come with the building tools and always wear goggles. This prevents sawdust and other debris from damaging your eyes while you work.
  • Sand the wood lightly before you begin building to ensure you will not be injured by splinters during the building process. Do another thorough sanding once the shelf is built. If you paint the bookcase, you might need to do a light sanding between coats.
  • Work in a clean environment when building, especially when you begin the painting or staining process. If possible, work indoors during the final steps to prevent debris from settling on wet paint or stain.