Cheap Broadway Tickets

A trip to New York City would not be complete without attending a Broadway production. Seeing a Broadway show is a great way to experience the city and enjoy live theater at its best. There are plenty of great family entertainment options, as well as performances that are great for a girls’ or guys’ weekend away, or a romantic getaway. Though Broadway tickets are known as some of the most expensive in live theater, it is possible to get cheap Broadway tickets. The key is knowing where and when to shop. There are also a variety of online and real-life venues that provide cheap Broadway tickets to the most popular shows.

Cheap Broadway Tickets

Cheap Broadway tickets can be purchased for current and upcoming events. Cheap tickets are available for the best-known performances including  Wicked the Musical, Lion King, Spiderman, and the Rockettes annual holiday performance. Seats range in price from $65 for orchestra tickets to $120 for midmezzanine level tickets. Tickets are usually available together, but if you are willing to separate your party, you might find an even greater deal.

Another way to get a great deal on tickets is to buy once you arrive in the city. A lot of travelers are reluctant to do this because it means they will not be guaranteed seats to a show. However, if you are not picky about the show and you just want to see a Broadway performance, there are plenty of cheap Broadway tickets. When you arrive in the city you will see the outdoor ticket booth located near Broadway. Put aside a few hours to wait for your tickets and you are likely to get a great bargain on tickets to one of the most popular shows on Broadway.

Cheap Broadway Tickets Online

Like anything, cheap Broadway tickets can be purchased online. If you are planning a trip to New York City and you take some time to research your entertainment options, Broadway tickets should be fairly easy to find. The great thing about buying tickets online is you are guaranteed a seat at the exact show you wish to see. You are also able to read reviews in advance, so you will have some idea what to expect. You can do this once you arrive in New York or you can go into a show blind, but a lot of people want to know what they are getting into. This is especially important if you are taking children to see a show.

Another option for cheap Broadway tickets is to choose a matinee performance. Like movies, some theater groups give afternoon performances. Since most people want to enjoy the experience of going out to dinner and to a show, they are reluctant to see a mid-day performance. This makes a matinee a great option if you want to save money. Instead of dining before the show, purchase your cheap Broadway tickets, see a great show, and then enjoy dinner out at one of New York City’s finest restaurants.

There are plenty of ways to get cheap Broadway tickets and enjoy a live performance while visiting New York. Be flexible, set a budget, and enjoy the show!