Cheap California Auto Insurance

There are many cheap California car insurance companies available that can provide protection for an affordable rate. Insurance companies are competing with one another to be leaders in the market. This competition benefits the consumer. In order to apply for cheap California auto insurance you must meet a few requirements.


Young drivers and those who are new to driving might have to pay higher premiums since they are considered to be in a group with a higher risk for accidents. Inexperienced drivers might not be perfectly capable of driving safely, but insurance companies take statistics into account and raise premiums based on the average. Teens and young adults are also considered a great risk to insure because they are sometimes considered less responsible than experienced or older drivers. Insurance companies charge top dollar to insure young drivers because they anticipate mishaps. Those with more years of driving experience or who are over 25 or 30 years of age typically have a better shot at finding cheap California auto insurance.

Driving Record

Keeping your driving record clear of driving violations is key to getting cheap California auto insurance. If you have been in an accident, the insurance agency will be reluctant to offer coverage at a low rate since they consider you a risk. A bad driving record indicates you are not responsible behind the wheel of a car. The chances of receiving cheap California auto insurance is increased by having a clean record. That includes no speeding tickets, accidents, or DUI’s. Drivers with any one of these offenses on their records might be charged more than double the rate of driver with a clean record.

Certified Driving Tests

There are some certified driving tests available that can qualify you for cheap California auto insurance. This is in addition to the usual driving test taken to become a licensed driver. A certified test rates your driving ability and gives the auto insurance proof that you are not only qualified to drive, but actually a safe and responsible driver. Many insurance companies offer discounts for those who have taken these additional tests.


The car you drive helps determine whether you qualify for cheap California auto insurance. A newer car raises insurance rates because it is worth more. Typically, a safe, moderately priced vehicle that is a few years older with low mileage has the best rate. The safety features on your vehicle also help you gain cheap California auto insurance rates. Choosing a car with features such as side air bags, anti-lock breaks, alarms, window safety locks and other similar safety devices can lower your insurance rate. In addition to vehicle safety, features that reduce your vehicle’s risk of theft can also lower your insurance rate.


The type of coverage you are seeking is important. Cheap California auto insurance is available for people seeking minimum coverage. You can also opt for less comprehensive coverage and skip collision insurance if your car is older and you are not concerned about damage should an accident occur.

Credit Rating

Many insurance companies have begun basing rates on a customer’s credit rating. If you want cheap California auto insurance, make sure you keep your credit score high.

Before committing to an insurance company there are several sites online that offer comparison services to the general public. These websites can be used to find the most competitive prices on the market today. They make it easy to find cheap California auto insurance without having to research each and every company individually.