Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

It may be difficult to find cheap car insurance for young drivers because many accidents involve young, inexperienced drivers. Teenage and young adult drivers are considered the highest risk group by insurance companies and, as a result, have the most expensive car insurance policies.

Over time insurance rates drop, but in the meantime, finding cheap car insurance for young drivers can be a daunting task. Accidents involving young drivers are expensive, so insurance agencies charge expensive premiums to protect against accidents. Luckily, there are some ways to find cheap car insurance for young driver. There are a number of things that affect insurance rates, so consider what you can do to make your insurance premiums cheaper.

Type and Make of Car

The type and make of a car can drastically decrease the amount of car insurance young drivers pay. This is one of the most important considerations of car insurance companies. A sports car has high car insurance premiums because these types of cars encourage speeding, and aggressive and reckless driving. However a simple sedan, such as a Camry, Corolla, or Taurus will likely mean cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Type of Insurance

Newer cars require comprehensive and collision coverage, so young drivers are better off driving cars that are a few years older. This way you can choose a cheaper policy with less coverage without risking any coverage issues should an accident occur.

Status of Young Drivers

While off at school or out of the country young drivers can decrease their payments for the duration of their absence. Parents or guardians will be able to place their young driver as a non-operator and get a discount on insurance payments while they are away.

Driving Exams

In addition to drivers licensing training and testing, drivers can take tests to show they are good drivers. Sometimes extra instruction is also offered. If an insurance company gets a third-party verification that a young driver is safe, they are more likely to lower insurance premiums. Check with your insurance company before enrolling in a class or taking a test to ensure they offer cheap car insurance for young drivers who take these tests.

Search the Internet for Cheap Car Insurance

The Internet is a great resource for finding cheap car insurance for young adults. There are several insurance websites offering price comparisons and quotes for various car insurance policies. This is the easiest way to view and research what each insurance company has to offer. This way teen and young drivers can receive car insurance rates without having to contact each insurance company for a rate. Some insurance providers also offer group discounts when more than one person in a household is covered or for families who purchase health or homeowners’ insurance with the same company. Discounts might also be offered for paperless billing and automatic payments.

Young drivers are considered high risk drivers. This is why it is tough to find cheap car insurance for young drivers. Safe driving can save a great deal of money on car insurance, so be responsible and drive safely.