Cheap Car Rentals

Finding an affordable car rental rate can be a challenge. Depending on when and where you travel, you might not be able to find cheap rentals at all. Location is a big factor in the price of your car rental, so whether you are traveling for business or pleasure will play a role in the rental rate. For instance, if you are headed to a popular tourist destination, you will pay a different rate than if you are driving in a suburban or rural area. Where and how much you plan to drive the car also plays a role. You will pay more if you are driving the car out of state or in a busy urban area. Some rental companies do not even allow you to leave the state and others that do often charge excessive fees for insurance. You will also pay a different rental rate if you plan to request unlimited mileage driving or if you plan to fill the tank with gas before returning it to the rental agency. If you are searching for cheap car rentals, you need to consider each of these factors.

Where are You Going?

One of the most confusing aspects of renting a car is figuring out whether it is cheaper to rent from a busy location or from somewhere off the beaten path. The best advice is to shop around before making your reservations. Sometimes you can find cheap car rentals when you pick up your car from the airport rental location. Other times it will be cheaper to take a cab a few miles away and choose an off-site rental location. However, there might be rules and fees associated with renting a car when you are not flying into the location. It is always better to check with the rental agency in advance about the regulations and requirements.

Driving Distance and Cheap Car Rentals

Think carefully about how much you will be driving when you rent your vehicle. Many people who are traveling for business or leisure end up leaving their car parked for most of their trip while they walk or take public transportation. If you are planning a one-day excursion from your destination, it might be cheaper to simply rent the car for one day. However, short-term rentals can be more expensive than renting for an extended period of time. When booking your car rental, compare weekly and weekend rates to single day rentals and choose the option that provides the cheapest car rental rate.

Consider Gassing Up

Most car rental agencies offer you the option of returning the car filled with fuel or bringing it back as close to empty as possible. Since fuel price fluctuate, this can be a tricky proposition. First, research gas prices in the area in which you intend to rent. A day or two before your arrival, look up the average fuel cost. Some rental agencies provide this information when you pick up your car, but it is always better to check into the rates on your own. Next, calculate how much gas you plan to use and whether it will be worth fueling the car on your own. If you will only be using a small portion of the gas provided upon renting, there is no reason why you would pay the rental company for a full tank of gas. They usually charge a flat rate for a full tank, so do not assume you will get away with only paying for a few gallons. Finally, if you do intend to pay the rental agency for gas, use as much of the gas as possible before returning it to the agency. Your goal should be to drift into the rental lot on fumes so you are not paying for gas you did not use.

Cheap Car Rentals

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