Cheap Checks

Banking with checks is becoming less common, but there are still occasions when you will want to make a payment with a paper check. This is especially true in business situations. You bank might offer the option of purchasing checks directly from them, but there are better ways to find cheap checks. Many of these cheaper options can be personalized, so you have the option of using fun checks that show off your personality or professional checks that are custom made for your business. If you want to purchase cheap checks, you have several options.

Cheap Checks

The Internet is a great place to find cheap checks. The website offers affordable checks in a variety of different styles. Many of the checks on the site are priced at up to 50% off the regular retail price. They also offer $2 savings on check designs. They also offer checks with special features such as the Blue Safety Personal checks. Purchase options are available for single and double orders, duplicate checks, and custom checks. Checks are available in a variety of price ranges.

Parchment checks are also available. These sell for the same price and quantities as  the Blue Safety Personal Checks. Both the parchment and the Blue Safety Personal Checks have a very conservative, professional style that is great for business. Though you want to use high quality checks for business purposes, you can certainly purchase them at a discounted rate. Buying in bulk means you get to enjoy cheap checks and not worry about ordering on the regular basis.

Choose Your Style Cheap Checks

Another benefit of shopping around for cheap checks is the number of style options you enjoy. Ordering from the bank is convenient, but it is not right for everyone. Most banks offer a catalog with a variety of designs, but depending on the company they have print the checks, your options might be limited. If you are looking for a specific logo or design, or you want your company logo used on your check, special ordering might be your only option. Spending some time shopping around for what you need ensures you get checks that are the exact style you want.

Cheap checks can sometimes be paired with other items to lower their price. For instance, if you are ordering for your business and you want promotional materials or other printouts with your logo, you might be able to find all of these items from one location. Ordering several items in addition to your cheap checks can lower the price.

The timing of your order is also important. If you purchase only one book of checks a few times each year it will likely cost you more than if you buy several books and order annually. Some companies offer bulk discounts, so you can get cheap checks just by ordering larger amounts. If you have no plans to alter your business logo, change addresses, or switch banks, ordering in a bulk is a great solution. You will also save on shipping costs by placing a larger order and dealing with shipping and handling only once in awhile.