Cheap Cheerleading Uniforms

Every cheer-leading squad would love to be in the position to afford the most unique and amazing uniforms. The reality is that only the cheerleaders of professional sports teams tend to get paid, so cheerleaders often have to use their own, often limited funds to purchase uniforms. Finding cheap cheer-leading uniforms is a dilemma faced by most squads, and it can seem unlikely that you will find uniforms that will not put a strain on the squad members’ pockets. You can do this with a little extra effort.

Cheap Cheer-leading Uniforms

Once most people hear the term cheap, they think of inferior quality and lack of creativity. This does not have to be the case. Some good considerations to make are:

  • Shop wholesale – The team will definitely save money if all the uniforms are bought at once, rather than each member going out and purchasing a uniform. Examples of places where wholesale cheer-leading uniforms can be bought are:
  • – Their selection is better than many other dealers of wholesale cheer-leading uniforms. They have custom uniforms for as low as $40.00.
  • GTM Sports – Their website offers uniform shells that start as low as $20.00. They also offer a wide range of uniforms, in different colors and styles, at an average price of $40.00 each. The quality of their uniforms is also superior, especially considering the price. There is also the added bonus of a free pair of pom-poms with each uniform, and they ship free across the United States for every order over $200.00.
  • – You can get just about anything on this site, including cheap cheer-leading uniforms. The site offers various colors of cheer-leading uniform shells, full uniforms and skirts. Prices can be as low as under $10.00 per piece, and the average price is a little over $20.00. The most expensive uniform would cost about a little over $40.00. also sells spankies for $6.95 each. They have them in 14 different colors and sizes ranging from Youth Small to Adult XX-Large. It may, however, be a little difficult to get adequate full uniforms for your entire squad if they don’t have enough in stock.

There are many other websites and wholesalers that sell cheap cheer-leading uniforms. Look around, and compare prices for the best deals.

Think Outside the Box

  • There are other options that can help you save money, even if they may not seem favorable at first.
  • Don’t buy full uniforms. Buying skirts only and wearing matching tees or polo shirts tends to be cheaper.
  • Don’t customize uniforms,you can just get cheap cheer-leading uniforms in your school colors. If the uniforms are going to be school property, they can be customized in the following year.
  • Take care of whatever uniforms you buy- Encourage team members to take uniforms off as soon as they are finished, and not to  wear the uniforms unless it is at a game. At non-game times, the team can wear shorts and T-shirts that support the team.