Cheap Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are a fun part of the holiday season, but decorating a home can get expensive. It is possible to get cheap Christmas decorations and still get a great look for your home. Cheap decorations are the perfect solution for creative types who want to alter decorations for a unique look. If it seems as if all of the Christmas decorations are out of your budget, do not lose hope. Some of the best ways to find cheap Christmas decorations include comparing prices, buying after the holiday season, and shopping for used decorations. Use a little creativity and you can enjoy an elaborately decorated home this Christmas.

Cheap Starts at Home

A good place to find cheap Christmas ornaments is in your own home. Old decorations that have spent decades in boxes can be cleaned up and re-used. Old lights can be repaired and used on the tree and in other ways. Old ornaments can be placed in glass vases or bowls to create a festive tablescape. Hooks can be added to small figurines to create a vintage look for a Christmas tree.

Cheap Christmas Decorations Online

Before you purchase new decorations, do some comparison shopping online. You can search for items and review prices of similar items from different stores. This helps you find the cheapest price for an item and stay within your shopping budget. If you order online remember to account for shipping. Some sites offer free or discounted shipping for orders over a certain total.

Shop at Season’s End

The day after Christmas and the days following the holiday and into the New Year are the best time to shop for next year’s decorations. Discounts can be as much as 90%, but merchandise goes quickly. This is also a great time to purchase gift wrap and other non-perishable holiday items.

Shop for Used Decorations

Used decorations are some of the cheapest available. You can either use the decorations as-is for a vintage look or update the items for more modern style. This is also a great way to get parts that can be crafted into all-new decorations that are completely unique.

Other Tips for Finding Cheap Christmas Decorations

  • Opt for fake trees instead of real ones because they can be used again and again.
  • Use candles to decorate your space. They are very affordable and provide scent, as well as a festive look.
  • Decorate with Christmas cards. Save cards from year to year and display new ones as they arrive in the mail. Cards can also be deconstructed for holiday-themed art and crafts.
  • Put kids in charge of the decorating and use their projects to make the house feel festive. Craft supplies are likely on-hand for everyday projects that can easily be turned into decorations.
  • Shop at for great prices on a variety of Christmas decorations. You can build your collection of Christmas decorations slowly by adding just a few new pieces each year, or you can go on a shopping spree and outfit your entire home for the holidays.