Cheap Class Rings

Class rings are symbolic items that remind people of their high school years. Schools sometimes offer information and bulk buying discounts to students while in attendance. The average student buys his class ring during the high school years, but the rings can be purchased earlier or later in life. Sometimes finances are tight while a student is in high school, so purchasing a ring is not an option until they have graduated and entered the workforce. Money should not prevent someone from owning a class ring at some point in life. Cheap class rings are available for high schools, colleges or Universities, so it is possible to have a ring to remind you of your experience in school. There are several options for buying a cheap class ring that is a well-made, attractive piece of jewelry.

Cheap Class Rings

Class rings come in a variety of metals to suit your preference and your pocket. Sterling silver is an option for  a cheap class ring that usually retails for less than $100. The cut of the stone can also determine the cost of a ring, so if you find a metal or style you like, ask if the stone can be cut to suit your budget. Cheap class rings are available online at The selection on the site includes a variety of stylish, high-quality pieces. Shoppers can choose from cheap class rings such as the Marquise Birthstone and Diamond Ring, the Sterling Silver Trillion Birthstong Class Ring, or the Sterling Silver Crystal Heart Class Ring. If the choices offered by your school are too expensive, or you prefer a unique style not offered through the bulk supplier, buying a ring online is a great option. This is also a great way to get a ring later in life if you want to commemorate your education, but you have already graduated.

Cheap Class Rings for College Students

Purchasing a class ring to commemorate your college years is a great idea. Graduates often reflect on their college memories with more passion than the years spent in high school, so a college ring is a great option that lets you show the pride you feel for your alma mater. Websites such as specialize in collegiate class rings that are available for an affordable price. Options are available for men and women and most rings are available for less than $200. Shoppers can choose from the Antique College Class Rings, the Heritage College Class Rings, and the Fashion College Class Rings. Styles are available in sterling silver or 18k gold and can be customized to include your college colors, mascot, sports team, or club.

Another option for purchasing cheap class rings online is They offer silver rings that include stones in college colors or birthstones. Most of the rings on the site are available for around $100.