Cheap Clothes

The most savvy fashionistas love finding great bargains on clothing. Cheap clothes mean you can buy more and build a better wardrobe. The problem is cheap clothes are sometimes made poorly. Poor construction and tailoring, and cheap materials might make the cost of a piece less, but you will not be getting a good investment. Your best bet is to shop around until you find quality pieces for a lower price. Do not buy clothes just because they are cheap. Spend your money wisely and you will build a wardrobe full of long-lasting pieces without spending a fortune. If you are looking for cheap clothes, there are plenty of places to shop.

Thrift Stores for Cheap Clothes

Thrift stores feature used items sold at a discount price. Anyone who has made a shopping trip to a thrift store knows it is a hit or miss situation. Some days you can visit and find bags of cheap clothes that are stylish and high quality. Other times the selection is poor and you leave empty handed. The trick is to shop at times when their selection is plentiful. Make frequent visits to your neighborhood thrift store, get to know the owner, and become familiar with when people drop off hauls of clothing.

Cheap Clothes from Friends And Family

Friends and relatives often pass clothes on to one another to save money. This is especially common in groups or families with young children. Kids grow out of clothes quickly, so there is no sense spending a lot of money on their wardrobe. Instead, ask friends and family members for clothes their children have outgrown. These hand-me-downs can then be saved and passed on to others in the future. If you know a lot of people with children, organize a clothing swap. This is a great way to get cheap clothes for kids while socializing and enjoying the company of others. In many cases, clothes will be exchanged for free.

Cheap Clothes Online

Like just about everything else, the Internet is a great place to find cheap clothes. Your options are overwhelming when it comes to shopping online, so make sure you set a budget and shop smart. Know what items you need and know how much you can afford before you begin your search.

You can shop auction sites or Craigslist for cheap clothes. Though some of this clothing will be used, you might also find great deals on pieces that are brand new. People might buy clothing in the wrong size or find they do not like something once they have it hanging in their closet. Instead of donating it or returning it to the store, they sometimes offer it for a discounted price online.

Many brick and mortar stores also allow you to shop online. Some of the merchandise is the same that is found in the store, but there are sometimes online discounts offered that are not available in stores. Other times there are completely different pieces offered online than in the store.

Finally, there are websites dedicated to selling cheap clothes. These sites only sell clothes online and prices are often very low. The selection might include factory seconds, overstock, or pieces not found in regular stores. Some of the best websites for cheap clothes include,, and