Cheap Computer Parts

Computers are a necessary part of modern life. They store data and photos, help you keep in touch with loved ones, and provide work support. Unfortunately, even the most reliable computers occasionally malfunction. Purchasing computer parts is one of the most budget-friendly ways to repair a broken computer. Cheap computer parts are also a great way to build a computer from scratch, an undertaking commonly practiced by technologically savvy people.

The list below contains the elements of a cheap computer system. It comprises the essential parts for a basic Northwood Pentium four socket 478 computer. This computer is one of the most inexpensive considering its motherboard cost. This list covers basic computer functions such as word processing and Internet usage.

Basic Components

Though there are a number of accessories and upgrades you can add to your computer, the basic parts are those most commonly included in a search for cheap computer parts. The average shopper is either trying to replace something cheap to get his machine working again or he is trying to build a machine as cheaply as possible. So-called luxury parts are not usually something you want to purchase cheap. The basic parts include the motherboard, RAM, hard drive, CD writer, a graphics card case and power supply,  a  sound card,  and a monitor.

Where to Buy Cheap Computer Parts

Online Stores

Cheap computer parts can also be found through online stores. A comparison of the prices online should lead the shopper to the most inexpensive source. Additionally the shopper may have to select different items from a variety of sources rather than purchasing from one source since stores offer varying prices on parts. is a site that allows you to compare the prices of a wide variety of computer parts. They also offer the latest models and the most up to date technology.

Computer Stores

Many popular computer stores sell used parts in addition to their regular brand-new inventory. Computer stores purchase used machines and break them down so they can sell the parts. They are also able to sell parts from floor models of older computers. Though a computer store is likely going to encourage you to buy new parts or a new computer, it can be a great place to find a discount price on computer parts.

Garage Sales

Believe it or not garage sales and flea markets are a great place to find cheap computer parts. You will not have much assistance in terms of making an educated decision about the parts, but you are unlikely to find a cheaper deal. You might need to buy a whole computer and break it down on your own, but you will likely be able to make your purchase for pennies on the usual retail dollar. Remember, these will be older machines, but the parts can still be useful.

Additional Information

It is important to pay attention to the possible shipping and handling costs. It is easy to get wrapped up in sales and special offers, but if you pay a high amount for shipping, you are really not saving. Do your research in advance and now exactly what parts you need, as well as the fair market value of each part before shopping.