Cheap Cruise to Nowhere

A cruise to nowhere offers an exciting alternative to a traditional cruise for those who are not interested in the land destinations. Some people prefer to stay on the ship during a cruise, so there is no sense in paying for a cruise that offers land excursions. These cruises usually last three days and include sailing to a location on the water where activities like gambling are legal. Cruises to nowhere are less common than traditional cruises and they typically book faster than traditional cruises. Finding a cheap cruise to nowhere can be a challenge.

Cruises to nowhere can, overall, be less expensive than traditional cruises. This is because you will not be paying for excursions. However, since cruises to nowhere are in greater demand, the cost is sometimes higher than expected.

Companies Offering Cruises to Nowhere

Two-day cruises to nowhere are offered by the Carnival Cruise Line. Carnival is best known for its affordable cruise options, so it is a great place to start. Other companies offering cruises to nowhere include Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America Cruises. These cruises depart from the following  Norfolk, Virginia, and New York.

Compare Cheap Cruises to Nowhere

If you are interested in a cruise to nowhere, take time to research your options. Comparison shopping will save you money. If you are flexible about your dates and the location of the cruise, you can save even more. Since you will be staying on board the ship during the cruise, there is little reason to worry about the cruise location. You can search options and compare prices on websites such as and

When shopping for your cruise, take time to evaluate what is on the cruise ship. Since you will be spending your entire vacation on board, you will want a ship that offers plenty of recreation and dining options Some ships charge extra for meals and recreation, so be sure to determine what you will need to pay for once your cruise is booked. In addition to recreation and dining, you might also need to pay for transportation to and from the ship, on board entertainment, port chargers, and spa services. Though you can choose an all inclusive cruise to nowhere, your best option might be paying for these services individually. This gives you better control of your budget and keeps you from paying for things that do not apply to you.

If you are thinking a cruise to nowhere might be a great vacation, take time for research and learn what options you have. People who love cruising typically find a cruise to nowhere is a great experience. If your interest in land excursions is limited and you would rather spend time enjoying a cruise ship, a cruise to nowhere is an ideal vacation.