Cheap Custom T Shirts

Personalized or custom clothing can be used for a variety of different purposes. Cheap custom T-Shirts are great for marketing campaigns promoting a company’s logo or mission statement. Personal custom T-Shirts are a great way to express your style and let everyone know how you feel about something. Whether your intention is to take a stand on an issue, entertain those around you with humor, or share information about a product, cheap custom T-Shirts are a great idea.

Where To Find Cheap Custom T-Shirts

Many online shops and brick and mortar stores  customize T-Shirts for customers. Some of the virtual stores let customers design their own custom T-Shirts using software on the site. Shirts come in a variety of styles and colors, and customers can upload their own designs or choose from an existing design library. The software provides a detailed design of the final product, so customers are not surprised when their custom T-Shirt arrives. Two of the most popular sites for creating cheap custom T-Shirts include and

A way to get cheap custom T-Shirts at an even more affordable price is to purchase plain shirts in bulk and take them to a T-Shirt printing company. If you are able to buy shirts wholesale and cut out the middle man, you will see even greater savings. You can also buy plain T-shirts at art supply stores and use them for custom printing.

Buy Cheap Custom T-Shirts in Bulk

Purchasing T-Shirts in bulk might help reduce the cost. Discounts are sometimes offered for purchases that exceed a certain amount. Speak with friends and relatives who share the desire for cheap custom T-shirts so you can save when you buy together. Buying plain T-Shirts in bulk also means you will have shirts when you need them. This makes customization faster because you only need to add the design when you are ready.

Do It Yourself Custom T-Shirts

Designing your own T-Shirts helps you save even more on cheap custom T-Shirts. Designs can be added to T-Shirts using iron-on patches. These designs are available at arts and crafts stores and usually cost less than $5.

Designs can also be added to T-Shirts using screen printing methods. Screen printing is a technical process that requires specific tools. Screen printing companies use tools such as screen printing fabric ink, screens, and squeegees to create custom, long-lasting designs. It is possible to make your own screen-printed cheap custom T-Shirts, but you will need to purchase the tools at an arts and crafts supply shop.  The tools can be used multiple times, so if you plan to make several shirts, doing it on your own can be very cost effective. Keep in mind you can also create cheap custom T-Shirts at home using basic crafting methods such as sewing, decals, ripping, cutting, and tying.

Online Tutorials

There are several videos online offering information about customizing T-Shirts. Check Youtube and Ehow for information and tutorials. Purchasing cheap custom t-shirts commercially is convenient, but doing it yourself often saves a great deal of money and allows you to get exactly the design you want.