Cheap Designer Clothes

Designer clothes are a great way to express yourself through fashion. Designers strive to create pieces that are unique and stylish, so when you were these clothes, you have a look all your own. Many people assume that designer clothes are expensive. Though designer clothes typically look expensive, it is possible to find cheap designer clothes. The trick is knowing where to find designer clothes and how to shop safely.

Cheap Designer Clothes on the Internet

The internet is one of the best places to find cheap designer clothes. Cheap designer clothes are sold by outlets that have acquired pieces in bulk or wholesale. Since the outlets are able to purchase the designer clothes cheap the clothing can be resold at a rock-bottom price. Cheap designer clothes sold online might also be last season’s merchandise or factory seconds.

Consumers should use caution when shopping online for cheap designer clothes. Read the fine print on the site before placing your order and do your best to avoid scams. Unfortunately, there are many clothing shops online that take advantage of buyers with knock-off designs. Do your research and shop with reputable dealers whenever possible.

Sites Selling Cheap Designer Clothes


A free membership is required in order to benefit from the cheap designer clothing offers at this site. Email notifications are sent daily to members about upcoming sales. Designer clothing, housewares, and accessories are sold on the site at prices approximately 75% off the retail price.

Gilt Groupe

This site also requires membership. Free membership gives shoppers access to 36 hour sales. These sales include merchandise from individual designers which have been discounted by up to 75%.


Ideeli also requires free membership. Designer sample sales are provided through this site. Weekly give-aways compliment these sales. In addition to cheap designer clothing, the site also offers bargains on housewares and travel.


This site is advertised as “your free personal online shopper.” Members are allowed to enter the names of their favorite designers after signing up. Weekly emails organized into designer categories are delivered to members. These weekly emails contain the cheap designer clothes that meet the member’s size, style, and price specifications.

There is a designer section on this popular value deal website. The shopper is allowed the option of searching for cheap designer clothes by designer, price and category.


Patience and diligence will yield good rewards when using this site. It offers the advantage of choosing how much you are willing to pay for the designer clothes since purchases are made through a bidding process. Be careful shopping with auction retailers and read the reviews from previous customers. eBay offers a number of great bargains, but you need to be a savvy consumer

Bulk Deals

It is also important to be on the lookout for bulk purchase deals offered by online dealers. This method is used by many online retailers to entice shoppers to return.

Additional Information

The number of great deals available online can be overwhelming, so be selective when taking advantage of low prices. This prevents over-spending.

Hidden costs such as shipping and handling  affect the value of the deals offered online. These should always be taken into account when ordering online.

Also check the return policies of the website. Since your are shopping by mail, you might not like the look or fit of the cheap designer clothes once you wear them. If returns are difficult, the time and money you waste returning an item cuts into the savings you enjoyed when ordering.

Most of these sites offer additional bargains when you share them with friends. If you know others who enjoy shopping for cheap designer clothes, encourage them to sign up with your information and you receive credit toward your next purchase.