Cheap Desks

A desk gives you an organized space to work. Not only are you able to focus better, you are also able to store work-related items and supplies when they are not in use. It is possible to buy elaborate, expensive desks for your home office, but it is not necessary. You can find quality cheap desks if you invest a little time searching for affordable office furniture.

Used Furniture

Consider buying a used desk or piece of furniture that can be altered into a desk. If you visit yard sales or stores that specialize in selling used furniture you can find some charming antique or gently used furniture. These may need a bit of refinishing, but the process can be a fun weekend project.

Choosing Your Desk

Cheap Desks for Work and Study

Student study or work desks usually feature minimal storage and are solely for the purpose of study or work. Many student desks are able to accommodate  a laptop plus books, papers, and a few other items. Student desks are usually constructed of basic materials and may need assembly after purchase. A wide variety of student desks are available on,, and the

Cheap Compute Desks

Computer desks are designed to accommodate PCS. they usually have a sliding tray for a computer’s keyboard and an area to place the CPU. The desktop is at least big enough for a monitor and there might be a few shelves or drawers for storing office items. Computer desks are relatively inexpensive, but you will be limited by the style and the space the desktop provides. Computer desks are available at,, and

Making Your Own Cheap Desk

Making your own desk can be a fun project. These tips will help the project run smoothly:

  1. Measure the area where you plan to place the desk and base your design on those measurements.
  2. Have your tools ready before you begin building.
  3. Purchase your wood and other supplies from the local hardware store. Be sure to bring your measurements and designs with you when you shop.
  4. How-to videos of building instructions are available on Youtube. Take time to watch several of these videos before you begin your design and again before you begin the construction process.
  5. Follow the safety procedures recommended when building your desk and where safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  6. Sand the wood before you begin working and again once the project is finished. You might also need to sand in between stain and paint layers.
  7. Move the desk indoors before painting or staining. If you need to work in your office space to do this, put down a drop cloth to catch paint or stain splatters.
  8. If children help you build the desk make sure you supervise carefully. Kids should never use power tools alone.