Cheap Disney Hopper Ticket

Disney hopper tickets allow you to visit multiple parks during your Disney vacation. In California, Disney Hopper tickets allow you to visit Disneyland Park and Disney’s California adventure park in the same day. In Orlando, the Disney World Park Hopper tickets allows you to visit the resorts four main attractions, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, during your vacation. The Park Hopper pass is a great way to save and to organize your vacation at the resort. There are several ways to purchase a cheap Disney Park Hopper ticket.

Buying Your Pass from Disney

For an in-depth look at Park Hopper passes, visit the official Disney websites at The sites can help you plan your vacation and give you suggestions for the best things to do while visiting Disney. Park passes are sold by day. The more days you purchase the greater the savings on park admission. One day passes will not save you any money, but six day passes can save you up to $40.00. Park Hopper passes help you organize your trip and save on park admission. The Disney websites offer choices that benefit their interests and not necessarily the cheapest or most economic options.

Buying Your Cheap Disney Park Hopper Ticket from Other Sources

It is possible to gain even greater savings when you purchase your Disney Park Hopper passes outside of Disney. Sites such as or can help you plan your Disney vacation. These sites offer many cheap Disney packages, which also include hotels, transportation, and other discounts. Comparing prices for a cheap Disney Hopper ticket can help you save enough money to upgrade your hotel or enjoy additional activities in Orlando.

Planning Your Park Hopper Pass

The cheap Disney hopper ticket is designed to maximize your Disney experience because it is specifically tailored to each visitor’s needs. No matter how long your vacation or where you want to visit, your Park Hopper pass can get you into attractions for a low rate. In addition to official Disney Park Hopper passes, there are also a number of combination passes available for Orlando’s non-Disney attraction

Be careful to avoid scams when planning your trip. Some sites are not legitimate and are out to scam you. To guard against scams, ensure that you use sites recommended by others you know and who have also used these site before. Sites such as are known for offering deep discounts on Orlando attractions.

Other Ways to Save at Disney

Disney Hopper tickets are designed to be a cheaper, ore convenient way to experience the Disney theme parks. You can also search Ebay for auctions on discounted tickets and attractions in Orlando. Many residents in the area offer coupons for a low rate to travelers. Locals have access to savings that out-of-town visitors can enjoy during their vacation. If you are headed to Disney, save money by investing in a cheap Disney Hopper ticket.