Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim are two of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Finding cheap Disney vacation packages takes a bit of time and planning, but it will save you a bundle on your vacation.

Avoiding Extra Expenses

Disney is one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the United States. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most expensive. The best way to keep your vacation budget under control is to avoid extra expenses. Plan ahead and create a budget that makes you comfortable. Include a few extra dollars for unexpected expenses, but do not spend more than your assigned budget.


Spending time before your trip gathering information will save you time and money. The more you get to see during your visit to Disney, the more your vacation will be worth the money you spend. Consider factors such as park admission fees, transportation expenses, dining costs, airline ticket costs, and hotel fees. The more you can save on fixed charges, the more you will have to spend while visiting Disney.


Disney offers a variety of discounts on different aspects of travel. Cheap Disney vacation packages do exist if you are willing to make a few sacrifices. For instance, staying offsite and traveling to the resort each day can save you big. Staying onsite, but choosing one of Disney’s budget hotels will also make your trip less expensive. Booking your travel, transportation, and park admission together can also make the experience cheaper.


Join a Disney mailing list so you are notified when special events and promotions take place. The more you know about discount travel deals the more likely you are to save on your trip. Use social networking to follow the most recent promotions and events offered by Disney, as well as Orlando and Anaheim travel.

Park Secrets

Being a Disney insider can save you time and money. Research travel guides and spend time reading message boards that are filled with information from frequent Disney visitors. There are plenty of tips and tricks that average park visitors do not know about. Armed with Disney secrets, you can save yourself a lot of time and money during your trip.

Dining and Shopping

These are two areas where you can cut expenses a great deal if you spend smart. Use dining coupons or participate in Disney’s dining plan. You still have plenty of options, but many of your meals are pre-paid. The more you save on dining, the more you have to spend on souvenirs. You can also find coupons and deals when shopping. When possible, purchase your souvenirs outside of the parks.

Sources of Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

Cheap Disney vacation packages are offered by a number of websites. Check the official Disney site before looking anywhere else. Plan your ideal Disney vacation and note the cost. From here, you can research less expensive options for each of the activities you want to enjoy.