Cheap Domain Names

A domain name is an address assigned to an internet web server also known as an internet host. The domain name helps to facilitate the application of a memorable and easily spelt address for internet servers.

Costs Attached To Cheap Domain Names

The cost of a domain name may range from “free” to $35 or more annually. There are many offers of cheap or free domain names online. Finding the right cheap domain name can be challenging; it is however an achievable feat.

Sources Of Cheap Domain Names

The sources below are providers of cheap domain names:

This site has an annual fee of $15.00.Private registration cost an additional $10.00. They also offer hosting service.

The annual fee required by this site is $8.98. There is a private registration fee $2.88 annually.
The site offers a hosting service and provides free private registration for the initial year with new registrations.

With an annual fee of $7.99 the user has access to a domain name using this site. Private registration is included in the annual fee. This provider also offers hosting service.

This site has an annual fee of $8.99 which is inclusive of private registration. This site offers a hosting service. Deals are often available at this site.


This site requires an annual fee of $11.99.Private registration is offered at a rate of $8.99 / year. Hosting service and deals are offered by this provider. They offer a deal in which a user who registers six domains receives free private registration and gets to pay just $9.99 per domain.

This site has an annual fee of $7.95 which is applicable in the first year and $9.95 for renewals. Private registration is priced at $9.95 / year and web hosting facility is provided by this provider.

Their annual fee is $8.99 and private registration costs $7.95. They provide hosting service and deals are often offered. Free private registration is provided if users order six or more domains at once.
Multi-year and multiple-domain discounts are offered by Users who register six or more domains or register for more than three years pay $8.49 for each domain and obtain free private registration.

Yahoo Domains

Yahoo Domains has an annual fee of $9.95 which is applicable in the first year. Renewals cost $34.95 annually and private registration is priced at $9.00. Yahoo Domains offers a hosting service.

The annual fee for registration with is $8.99. Private registration costs $4.00 however this site does not offer a hosting service.

Most providers of cheap domain names will offer deals and web hosting. The prices quoted above are associated with a standard .com address.

Sources Of Free Domain Names

The cheapest domain name is a free one.Many Internet service providers (ISPs) offer free domain names to their customers. Some offer sub domain hosting as a part of their internet access package.
The hosts below are among those that offer free domain names:

  • Gren Geeks
  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • DreamHost
  • Yahoo! Small Business
  • Hostmoster

Earn a Free Domain Name

Economical access to a free domain name may be acquired by selling domain names or referring clients to the provider. Some companies may offer commission for referrals and sales while others may pay for the domain name in lieu of remuneration.