Cheap Flights to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Finding the best deals and discounts on flights to Amsterdam requires thorough research and a fair amount of comparison shopping. Your time spent is well worth it when you get to travel to one of the world’s most exciting cities for a reasonable rate.

Finding Cheap Flights to Amsterdam

Travelers have two main sources for finding cheap airfare. The first is to go directly to an airline’s website and search for a flight. The second option is to search travel websites. Travel websites allow you to comparison shop by providing pricing information from all the major airlines. In many cases, the best option is to search the travel websites for the cheapest rate and then go directly to the airline’s site for purchasing the ticket. In most cases, you save a few dollars by booking your flight directly through the airline. However, if you are combining airfare, transportation, and accommodations, a travel website will likely offer a better deal.

Whether you book through the airline or a travel site, make a point of searching several options. Sites like Expedia, Smarter Travel, Orbitz, and Travelocity are a great place to begin your search. The more you know about travel deals the smarter you will be about traveling.

Booking Your Travel

Book your ticket as far in advance as possible. Also try to travel during the off-season. Traveling during off times allows you to take advantage of travel deals from a variety of sources. Most people consider January and February the best time to travel to Amsterdam. There is relatively little snowfall and the temperatures are typically above freezing. The days are shorter, but overall it is a pleasant time of year. However, it is not the ideal travel period, so most travelers avoid the winter months. Prices are also lower during the summer months when temperatures are cooler.

European Airlines

Instead of booking your flight with a well-known domestic airline, consider using a European airline for part of your trip. You might be able to fly into a European city and catch a connecting flight to Amsterdam for less than you would pay for a direct flight. European airlines offering cheap flights to Amsterdam include Martin Air, Sky Europe, and Transavia. Transavia is a discount carrier offering some of the cheapest available flights to Amsterdam.

Also remember to account for additional costs. Many airlines charge additional fees for bags. These rates might seem low at first glance, but when two travelers each have to pay for their bags and the fees are charged coming and going, the cost can really add up. When possible, choose an airline that does not charge a baggage fee or avoid checking bags altogether.