Cheap Flights to Europe

Finding cheap flights to Europe is easier than you might think. The cost of the flight depends on the popularity of the route to and from your airport of departure. You can buy your airline tickets from travel sites or directly from the airline. When choosing your airline, remember the best option for cheap flights are offered during the off-season for travel to your destination.  There are also other factors affecting the cost of your flight. Planning a trip is easy if you know the best places to find travel deals and cheap flights to Europe.

Cheap Flights to Europe from the Airline

You can purchase your tickets directly from an airline’s website, which is often the cheapest option. The downside to shopping direct with an airline is the time it takes to compare prices. Airline companies such as,, and all offer cheap flights to Europe, depending on your booking and travel dates. The best way to find deals is to check the websites daily and keep track of the variations in price. If you have time, keep a log of varying ticket prices so you can judge the best time to buy.

Keep in mind frequent fliers will need to book their flights directly with the airline to gain the benefits associated with the airline’s frequent flier club.

Booking Your Cheap Flights to Europe with a Travel Website

Sites such as, and  offer travel discounts and the convenience of comparing prices all in one place. Many travelers use these sites to conduct their research and then book their cheap flights to Europe directly through an airline. However, if you are booking a hotel stay and rental car, in addition to your airline tickets, using a travel website might get you the best deal. Travel websites are also great for last minute travel.

Just as you would when booking directly through an airline’s website, keep track of ticket price fluctuations. You will begin to recognize patterns in price changes. Not only is it cheaper to travel to a destination during the off-season, it is also cheaper to book travel on certain dates. If you are flexible with your travel dates and able to book travel at a certain time, you can save big. Unless you have spent time researching the average cost of flights and travel, never book your trip on your first visit to a travel website. The exception to this rule is for travel websites that offer a low price guarantee.

Finding cheap flights to Europe will take a bit of research. European travel can be complicated for those who are planning a first time trip, so you might want to visit a travel agent. Travel agencies can provide a variety of information and most do not charge you for their services. You can have the travel agent book your entire trip and itinerary, and travel knowing you are safe and you have a resource back home should you have any questions. Even if you choose not to book your trip with a travel agent, at least contact your local travel agency for details about European travel.