Cheap Flights to Florida

Finding cheap flights to Florida can be a frustrating, but it is possible to travel to the Sunshine State without spending a lot of money. So where can one find dirt cheap airline tickets? Here are some helpful tips on finding affordable flights that will leave your wallet filled with plenty of vacation cash.

Travel Websites for Cheap Flights to Florida

There are search engines that can help travelers find great deals on flights to Florida. Websites like and can help you comparison shop and find the best deals on airline tickets. The sites allow you to search by location and date, making it possible to see results from several different airlines. You can also add alternate travel dates if you have some flexibility. Traveling just one day before or after your originally scheduled travel date can save a significant amount of money.

Airline Websites for Cheap Flights to Florida

The website of the airline is a good place to get dirt cheap tickets, especially if one is traveling during the holidays. Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Christmas and Independence Day usually feature higher fares, but it is possible to find great fare. Booking your flight early or waiting until the last minute can save you a bundle. Some airlines offer special discounts over holiday weekends because they know travel is in great demand. However, there are also occasions when prices are driven higher because of the popularity of travel. Cheap flights to Florida are most often available during the off-season, when kids are in school, or when the weather is colder than usual in Florida.

Ticket Consolidators

Ticket consolidators buy airline tickets in bulk and sell them for a lower rate than travel websites. Though consolidators are not as common as they used to be, it does not hurt to check fares just in case you can find a great deal. Consolidators such as can be of great help if you are hoping to find a dirt cheap ticket and you do not have a lot of requirements for your travel.

Stand-by Options for Cheap Flights to Florida

Flying stand-by can be frustrating, but it can also pay off. Stand-by lets you pay a low price for a ticket and wait until a spot opens up on an airplane. Another option for fliers is to get bumped from a flight. This is not always a good thing, but in many instances, planes are overbooked and airlines count on passengers volunteering to be bumped. In most cases, airlines offer a future round-trip flight if a passenger volunteers to be bumped. If you are planning a trip somewhere, volunteer for a bump and you can enjoy a FREE flight to Florida at a future time.

Airline Mile Clubs

Some airlines offer frequent fliers miles that can be accumulated and used toward flight discounts. Fly enough times and your frequent flier miles can lead to big discounts on cheap flights to Florida.

Your best bet for finding a cheap airfare is to do your research and be flexible. Eventually, you will find a great deal.