Cheap Flights to Manila

More than one million tourists visit Manila each year, making it one of the most preferred tourist attractions in South East Asia. Visitors love the beautiful attractions in the Philippine’s capital city. In addition to historical buildings, parks, gardens, beaches and entertainment, there are also world class accommodations and top notch dining opportunities. Manila is considered one of the most expensive travel destinations, but there are airlines that offer cheap flights to Manila. Cheaper flights can help you make room in your travel budget for other experiences in Manila.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Manila

Finding cheap flights to Manila will take a bit of research, but it will be worth your time and energy when you are able to plan an inexpensive trip. Experienced travelers can book trips on travel websites or directly through an airline. If you have limited experience with international travel or you have not traveled to Manila already, you might want to work with a travel agent. Most travel agents offer their services for free to travelers and are paid by the hotels, airlines, and other travel companies. However, many people enjoy the adventure that comes with booking their own travel and designing their own itinerary. Cheap flights to Manila are available in either case.

Where to Find Cheap Flights to Manila

There are a few keys to finding cheap flights and planning an affordable trip to Manila. First, begin your planning as far in advance as possible. It also pays to be flexible with your travel dates. Check flight prices frequently and keep a log of price changes. This helps you determine the best time to book your flight. You can also search different travel dates to determine the best time of year to visit Manila.

Websites such as, and help you comparison shop conveniently. You are able to view all of the cheap flights to Manila without hopping from one website to another. However, it might be even cheaper to purchase your tickets directly from the airline. Once you have used a travel site to narrow down your choices and determine the best bargain, visit the airline’s site directly to see if deeper discounts are available.

When to Find Cheap Flights to Manila

The best time to travel anywhere is during the destination’s travel off-season. If you can visit when others are not in town, you will benefit from smaller crowds and lower prices. This is not always possible because travelers need to consider their work schedules, budgets, and desire to visit an area during a particular season. However, if you are flexible with your travel dates, you can save a bundle.

Payment for Cheap Flights to Manila

Once you have found your best travel deal, do not wait to book it. Prices change quickly, so you want to lock in your rate as soon as possible. Also choose a credit card that offers travel protection of some kind. This way you do not have to purchase travel insurance and you do not have to worry about unexpected circumstances. Before you begin your travel plans, contact your credit card company for details.