Cheap Golf Clubs

Winning a golf game is not just about having skills, it also involves having the right equipment. Any experienced golfer will tell you their equipment choices affect the outcome of their golf game. The search for the best golf equipment can be expensive, but it is possible to enjoy the hobby without spending a fortune on equipment. Finding cheap golf clubs is easy if you know a few shopping tricks.

Do Not Sacrifice Quality for Price

You can find cheap high quality golf clubs if you know where to shop. Custom-built quality clubs are made by clone manufacturers such as Pinemeadow Golf. This manufacturer copies top golf club brands and sells them at a lower cost. Some of the most popular cloned styles include Odyssey, Cleveland, and TaylorMade. The best thing about these golf clubs is they perform just as well as the expensive ones.

You might also consider a hybrid golf club instead of a pure wood or pure iron one. The hybrid club is useful, especially to golfers who are just starting their collection of golf equipment. Instead of having to buy several woods and irons, you can invest in a quality hybrid for a much less money.

Finding Cheap Golf Clubs Online

Another great way to find cheap gulf clubs is by shopping online. Many companies run online specials that are not available to those shopping in traditional stores. Shopping online also gives you the advantage of on-the-spot price comparisons and customer reviews. Even if you ultimately make your purchase in person, the Internet is a great place to conduct pre-buying research.

Golfers who shop online have a variety of stores available. Instead of limiting your shopping to local sporting goods and specialty shops, consider sites such as,,,,, and Ebay is another option if you are interested in bidding on cheap golf clubs.

Cheap Used Golf Clubs

A great way to save money on golf clubs, especially if you are new to the sport, is buying used clubs. New golfers know very little about their equipment preferences and are not even sure if they will be committing to the hobby. Used clubs let you experience the hobby without making a huge investment. It also gives you a chance to learn about different brands and try things out without spending too much. Some new golfers piece together a complete set of clubs by purchasing different brands of used clubs. Once they settle on their favorites, they can invest in a brand new set of clubs from one brand.

There are several websites that offer access to used golf clubs. features a wide range of used golf clubs for prices as low as $30. You can also check Craigslist for golf clubs sold by people in your local area. Another great source for used golf clubs is at your course’s pro shop. Though pro shops are notoriously expensive and often sell only brand new equipment, they might have information about golfers that are looking to unload their old equipment. Some shops and clubhouses feature message boards where other golfers can post classified ads for used clubs.