Cheap Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are often elaborate and fun, but spending a lot of money on something worn only once or twice is not a smart financial decision. One of the best ways to get original, cheap Halloween costumes is to make them yourself. Making costumes requires minimal effort and costumes can be made from just about anything. Items for homemade costumes can be purchased at thrift stores, garage sales, discount department stores, or hardware stores. Instead of buying an expensive pre-made costume for Halloween, make your own costume from inexpensive items. You will have a completely unique look and not have to worry about busting your budget on your costume.

How to Make Cheap Halloween Costumes

There are many costumes that can be made using old bedding. If your little girl wants to dress as an angle, all you need is a white sheet and some sparkling pipe cleaners. Spray the sheet with transparent spray paint and add glitter before the pant has a chance to dry. Pipe cleaners can be bent into a circle and connected to a headband to make the halo. Aluminum foil can also be used for the halo.

Another great option that utilizes a bed sheet is a ghost costume. Cut holes in the sheet for eyes and dress in white clothing beneath the sheet. The longer the sheet the better the costume, because you will be unable to see your legs or shoes. The ghost costume is one of the most traditional cheap Halloween costumes available.

Cheap Halloween Costumes Using Old Clothes

Most of us will have old clothes or clothes that are no longer considered stylish in our closets. These clothes can be used to create cheap Halloween costumes. Clothes can be used to make  fun costumes for children, such as bums or hippies. Remember to add accessories and shoes, but be careful if the shoes are not fitted to the child’s feet. It can be difficult for a child to walk in adult shoes.

Clothing can also be altered to create cheap Halloween costumes. Use fabric paint, sewing, cutting, felt cut-outs, and glitter to create elaborate costumes from simple clothing pieces. Once Halloween ends, children might like to keep the clothing on-hand for dressing up year-round.

Cheap Halloween Costumes Using Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a great accessory for cheap Halloween costumes. Boxes can be turned into a variety of different items such as washing machines, dishwashers, furniture, cars, or computers. You can even wrap the box and go as a gift package. Remember to cut holes in the box for your head and arms.

A box is a great option for cheap Halloween costumes because you are recycling and you can discard the costume when Halloween ends. You are not concerned with keeping your costume clean and in good repair because you can always make a new costume the following year. Next Halloween, take some time to construct your own costume instead of shopping for an expensive pre-made costume. Cheap Halloween costumes are creative, fun, and save you a lot of money.