Cheap Holidays to Turkey

There are many cost cutting measures you can utilize to save when planning a Turkish vacation. Here are some useful tips to help make  the dream of a Turkish holiday a reality without spending a fortune. Rule number one:

Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to save money on a Turkish vacation is to book flights ahead rather than waiting at the last minute. This can either be done by calling various travel agency (if you do not already have a travel agent) or online. This is an effective way to compare flights, travel dates, seats and prices. Once this done, you can think about where to stay, what to do, and how to get around. The second rule:

Budgeting for Expenses in Turkey

Traveling to Turkey entails more than just travel expenses. Other travel expenses include hotel, transportation, mobile or Internet charges, food, souvenirs and other miscellaneous fees.


Booking a hotel in advance saves a lot of money. This is particularly true if you travel to Turkey during the off-season when there are fewer visitors. According to, the best time to visit Turkey is during April, May or October. This site is also a good for booking flights, hotels, or both together at discounted rates resulting in great savings.


Booking a hotel with an all-inclusive package is an affordable option.  Not only do you save money, it takes the effort out of finding a place to eat each day. If you choose an all-inclusive package, make sure it offers a chance to sample a variety of local cuisine.

Telephone/Internet Charges

Remember you might have to pay more for phone or Internet service when traveling to another country. According to, you need to budget for these expenses or you will blow right through your vacation fund. Cell phone companies charge roaming fees, so just by having your phone on while traveling, you can run up a bill of several hundred dollars. Contact our cell phone service provider before your vacation begins and ask about roaming charges. They might have suggestions that will help you keep the costs low.  If the vacation is a long one, consider buying a local prepaid Subscriber Identity Module card (SIM). Turkey has wide mobile coverage, so nobody should have major problems in the main cities and tourist resorts.


Renting a care requires more than just the rental fee. You will also need to pay for gas and parking.  A great option is to use public transportation, such as the local minibus or taxi. Local transportation saves money and  provides an unforgettable experience. If you must rent a car, visit for the most competitive rates. The site allows you to compare rental prices and the cars in stock at local rental agencies.

Planning and budgeting for cheap holidays to Turkey is important, especially if cost is an issue. All of these tips allow for adventurous, safe travel at a fraction of the cost.