Cheap Home Phone Service

Finding cheap home phone service can be a hassle. It takes a great deal of research and price comparing to find something that suits your needs. The good news is the research can be conducted from the comfort of your own home and it typically leads to big savings on your phone service.

Check Companies Near You for Cheap Home Phone Service

The first step to finding cheap home phone service rates is determining what companies are available in your local area. Remember, cable and Internet service providers often offer bundled services at cheaper prices, so include them on your list of potential providers. Also keep in mind you probably do not need long distance service anymore on your home phone. Most people own cell phones and most cell phone packages include long-distance calls. If you have a cell phone, rely on it for long-distance calls and limit your home phone use to local and incoming calls.

Check Online for Cheap Home Phone Service

Nowadays the Internet can be used to find just about anything – even cheap home phone service. SKYPE allows you to make and accept phone calls from your computer. Vonage also offers affordable home phone service on the Internet. Both companies charge one monthly flat rate and offer great service. Anther option is Magicjack, an online home phone service that offers a free trial. Magicjack is available at or from Radioshack. The best thing is that there is no monthly bill involved and for the first year you pay a flat rate.

Magicjack also provides unlimited local and long distance calls, caller ID, and voicemail. Downloading Magicjack onto your computer is quick and easy, so it might be worth a try even if you are still shopping around for cheap home phone service.

Another option for inexpensive home phone service is Rates begin around $8 per month after paying a flat fee for a year of service. They also offer a variety of packages that include a number of services. These services range from unlimited free long distance and local calls to caller ID and call waiting, voicemail, three-way calling, call hold, 911 service, a second line on the same number, Follow Me Service, and Call Hold. You can even get a fax enabled voicemail to receive faxes. If you are looking for home phone service that provides a number of other advantages, this is a great option.

Looking for cheap home phone service can seem overwhelming because there are so many options. The best approach is to determine what you need, decide what you want to spend, and look for a service that fits this description. Take time to read reviews of different services, so you know if current and past customers are happy with their experience. And remember, you can always change services if you are unhappy with your first choice.