Cheap Homemade Gift Ideas

It is easy for anyone to make homemade gifts. Some homemade gifts require little creativity and can be made using random materials you have on hand. These gifts might be big or small, based on a specific theme, or just a hodge-pot of creativity. In most cases, homemade gifts are less expensive than store-bought items, but it is possible to get carried away, even when making something yourself. Set a budget when planning your homemade gift and stick to it. In the long-run, your gift recipient will appreciate the thought and effort that went into the gift far more than the amount you spend.

Ideas for Cheap Homemade Gifts Using Photos

What better way to show loved ones how much you love and appreciate them than by making personalized gifts with photos? There are a variety of gift items that can be personalized with photos including scrapbooks, wall art, and Christmas ornaments. To make a personalized photo ornament, you need a clear glass ornament, a small, thin paint brush, photo-safe liquid adhesive, and decorations such as ribbons, sparkles, glitter, and tinsel. First, rinse the ornament out with water and bleach. Place the ornament upside down to dry after. Select a photo and print it on matte paper. The photo should be small enough to fit inside of the ornament. Cut around the edges of your photo and pour the liquid adhesive inside the ornament where the photo will be placed. Roll the photo and place it inside the ornament, using the brush to smooth it onto the surface. Finally, add the decorative items to the ornament so they sit inside of the ball highlighting the photo. Carefully cover the ornament and your gift is ready!

Paper Bag Scrapbook

Another cheap homemade gift idea is a paper bag scrapbook. All you will need are paper lunch bags, scissors, a ruler, card stock, adhesive, a hole punch, and ribbon. Two paper bags creates an eight page album with four pockets to decorate. Cut the bottom out of the bags while they are flat. Place the bags on top of each other while they are folded in half. Punch holes on the left side of your newly made book and tie ribbons through the holes to bind the book. You can now decorate your pages with pictures and embellishments.

Your Favorite Recipes as Cheap Homemade Gifts

A great way to share food gifts with friends and relatives without having to bake is to give them your treasured recipes. Create a scrapbook filled with the recipes and decorate the pages of the book to coordinate with the foods. You can also create a recipe box and write each recipe on an index card. Adorn the box with decorative embellishments and laminate the cards so they are not damaged when in use. A final option for sharing recipes includes gathering the ingredients to make a dish and supplying the recipe directions, without actually creating the final product. Many people like to give ingredients for cookies or desserts so the recipient can experience the joy of cooking the recipe on their own.