Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam

One of the most important parts of planning a trip to Amsterdam is finding affordable accommodations. There are plenty of cheap hotels in Amsterdam, so take some time when planning your trip to choose which will work best for your vacation. It is possible to choose a vacation package, booking your hotel, flight, and other transportation at the same time. Before deciding on a hotel, make sure you check out all of your options. There are plenty of ways to research and reserve cheap hotels in Amsterdam.

Booking Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam Online

You can use online travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, SmarterTravel, and Orbitz to book your hotel room. The sites provide a list that allows you compare hotel prices and features. You can also read hotel reviews when searching for the one that is right for you. Booking a cheap hotel room can be risky, but if you read reviews and do some research, you can usually find a safe, well-kept hotel for a low price.

How Do I Get the Best Hotel Deals in Amsterdam?

Book in advance. The best advice any traveler will often be told is to book in advance. Depending on your travel dates, availability might be scarce. A high demand for rooms raises the price, so it is better to get things booked as soon as possible. If using an online reservation site, read reviews and attempt to find out more about the hotel including its exact location, pricing among other things. There are many cheap hotels in the Red Light District, but these are not necessarily what every travel is searching for. The city is small, so it is possible to book a room outside of the city and use public transportation to travel into the heart of Amsterdam. Hotels closest to the centre of activity tend to be the cheapest, but not automatically the best.

Travel during Amsterdam’s off-season. Hotel rates soar during the summer months. If possible, visit Amsterdam in January and February. Hotel prices are often as low as 50 Euros for a single room during the winter months. The weekend rates are a little higher, but you are still going to save with winter travel. In general, a rate that is about or below 100 Euros is considered affordable.

Comparison shop. The best way to get the cheapest rates is, of course, by shopping around. After comparing the prices charged by several hotels you will be better able to determine which are most competitive. Be sure to weigh the rate charged against location and appearance. The cheapest hotels may not always be to your liking.

Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam

Travelers can choose from a variety of hotels in Amsterdam.

Citizen M Hotel

This hotel is located just outside of the city center, approximately 10 minutes away. Hotel rooms start at 100 Euros nightly.

The Nh City Centre Hotel

The Hotel is 400 yards from the city centre. The average rate is about 119 Euros. You will be within walking distance of most attractions.

Hotel Aalborg

The hotel is a 36 room, family-owned hotel, located in the Pijp neighborhood. Prices are very affordable. Double rooms start at 69 Euros and breakfast is also included with your stay.