Cheap Hotels in Manhattan

When most people travel to New York City, they spend the majority of their time in Manhattan. Some of New York’s most popular destinations are located in Manhattan, including Times Square, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Gramercy Park, the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Founders Hall, Rockefeller Center, the Washington Bridge and Radio City Music Hall. The hotel prices in Manhattan can be high because it is such a convenient location. However, there are ways to find cheap hotels in Manhattan.

You have several options for finding cheap hotels in Manhattan and nearby in other boroughs of New York City. Check travel sites, contact specific hotels, and consult with travel agents familiar with New York travel.

Searching Online for Cheap Hotels in Manhattan

Travel websites allow you to compare several hotel prices at one time. You can search by date and the features of the accommodations. Travel websites such as,, and help you plan an entire vacation including airfare, hotel, and transportation. Booking everything together can save you hundreds of dollars.

Booking Direct through the Hotel

Another option for booking cheap hotels in Manhattan is to contact a hotel directly. Last minute deals are common with hotels, but if you are planning a trip, waiting until the last minute can be risky. Last minute hotels deals are best for travelers within driving distance of Manhattan.

Another great way to save money is to stay close to the city’s most popular attractions. Even though Manhattan is just a small part of New York City, it is still huge. One of the best parts of visiting New York is taking in the massive size of the city. However, getting from one place to another can cost a bundle for travelers. Narrow down the attractions you are most interested in seeing and choose a hotel near the attractions. There will be some things that require travel, but if you can limit the number of times you need to take a cab or the subway you can save a great deal of money.

Another way to save is to look for discounts from your hotel. Many hotels partner with restaurants and entertainment venues to offer discounted admission and coupons for meals. Though you are paying full price for the hotel, you can save on other travel expenses. This also helps you narrow down where you will dine and what you will do when visiting the city.

Finally, do not feel as if you have to see everything in one trip. Like most tourist destinations, New York City can be overwhelming. If you try to see and do it all while in the city, you will be frustrated and penniless by the time your vacation ends. Your best bet is to choose two or three top attractions and plan around those. This helps you choose your hotel, your dining destinations, and your other activities. Cheap hotels in Manhattan will take some research, but it will be well worth your time in the Big Apple to enjoy affordable accommodations.