Cheap Hotels

Travelers looking for the cheapest hotel prices do have to sacrifice comfort or safety. There are even times when two guests staying at the same hotel pay two different prices. The trick to getting the best hotel rate is to know where, when, and how to get the cheapest prices. A hotel does not have to be seedy and run-down to offer cheap prices.

Most hotels offer discount rooms depending on season and demand. The greater the demand for a room at a certain time the more expensive the rooms are going to be. If you want to find cheap hotels, search moderately priced hotels during their down season. Websites such as and can help you determine when you will find your best rates.

Where to Find Cheap Hotels

Cheap hotels are also found on websites like,, and These websites allow you to compare hotel prices by selecting your travel dates and destination. Comparing hotels also allows you to compare features and amenities in the hotel. Many travel sites also offer reviews from previous hotel guests. If you are choosing your hotel based on price, it is important to read reviews and understand what the hotel offers. Even if you choose basic, cheap hotels when you travel, it is still important to know that the hotel is clean and safe before making your reservation.

Another way to find cheap hotel rates is to book directly through the hotel. Sometimes hotels are willing to work with you and will offer a cheaper rate if they are concerned about not having enough bookings. Discounts are also available for senior citizens, members of AAA, government staff, military members, and business travelers.

Finally, consider staying outside of your target destination. Hotels know that people want to stay as close to the activities and attractions in a city. In some cases it is worth paying a little bit more to be close to your destination. If a slightly higher priced hotel can save you hundreds of dollars on a rental car, you are still saving money on your vacation overall. You will also want to pay a little bit more if you are concerned about safety outside of your destination. Some city’s have outlying areas that are not safe for travelers. However, if you are comfortable with the area and willing to use public transportation, or you plan to rent a car during your trip or you are using your own vehicle to reach your destination, staying outside of the main areas will save you money. Many popular tourist areas have suburban accommodations 20 to 30 minutes from the center of the action. Cheap hotels in the outlying areas can save you hundreds of dollars during your stay.