Cheap Land

When the stock market hits a rough patch, people look for more stable investments. Land is one of the best options when it comes to investing money. Cheap land is a great investment because it rarely ever decreases in value. No matter what the market does, you always have something tangible to show for your investment. If you choose to sell the land, you control the selling cost. The market might dictate the price to some degree, but since you control the final sale, you can set a minimum price and it is up to the buyer to determine if he can afford the cost. If you choose to hold onto your land, you will always have it as a part of your net worth.

Cheap Land

It might surprise some people, but there is a lot of cheap land available for sale. This is due, in part, to the recession. When the housing market does poorly, fewer individuals and investors are interested in buying land. There is less building, so fewer people need land. This make sit a great time to buy because the demand is low and many landowners are willing to haggle.

Limit Yourself When Purchasing Cheap Land

It is better to buy one piece of quality property than waste money on vast amounts of inferior property. You will likely have the opportunity to bargain with the current land owner and get land at a low cost.  There is no reason to rush into buying anything when it is a buyer’s market. You can take your time, shop around, and make a great deal that is right for you.

Benefits of Buying Cheap Land

There are many benefits to buying cheap land. Many people have grown their wealth by building on their cheap land and renting to others. There are many different options for renting land space. If your cheap land is located near a college, consider, consider building inexpensive apartments. If you have purchased land near a resort area, consider building small cabins or vacation homes. The trick to rental success is offering something that is not already in the area, or finding an area that is not saturated with rental options already.

Renting Cheap Land for Business

Renting cheap land to business owners is another way to make money from your investment. If a nearby business needs storage space, you can offer your land at a reasonable rate. They might even be willing to construct a storage facility that reverts back to you when they are finished renting.

How to Find Cheap Land

The best way to find cheap land is to follow the market in your area closely. Conduct daily searching online and work with a real estate agent who will do a lot of the legwork for you. It might take some time to find the parcel that is right for you, but in the long run, your time and financial investment will pay off. Cheap land is one of the smartest purchases you can make, no matter the state of the economy





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  1. Dinanath Thakur12 Avatar
    Dinanath Thakur12

    About five years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a few extra bucks. I wanted what many folks want, to become a landowner. I wanted a few acres where I could put up a cabin and go to camp occasionally. I wanted it to be in Texas, as I love the Lone Star State more than anything in this word. Sorry, it’s not my intention to offend those of you from other states and/or countries. But I think Texas has some of the coolest and most diverse types of terrain there is to be found within the confines of one state. For example, there is North Texas, which is basically plains and dirt and cotton. There is East Texas, which is home to the Texas capitol, Austin. Austin is locating in the rolling hills with nice trees and beauty that is unparalleled in other spots of Texas. There is West Texas, where the land is covered in mesquite trees, tumble weeds, oil fields and sand hills. And then there is South Texas, which is home to Big Bend. This is some of the roughest, most ruggedly beautiful land in Texas. It is dry and rocky. The heat is amazing. It was formerly the place where Pancho Villa and his band would hide out. The mountains are nice and high, and the terrain is ruggedly beautiful. It’s the last frontier. Unlike the rest of Texas, the area is practically uninhabited, yet easily accessible by paved roads and close to the resort town of Lajitas, as well as Terlingua, Texas, and Terlingua Ghost Town, both sites for tourists interested in Texas history. The land is inspiration for many western books, and to many people, it is some of the coolest land out there. Every year, in Terlingua, Texas, there is a chili cook off that is known nationwide. People come from all over to the desert to party and cook and judge chili. The nudity is crazy, and the people are weird and friendly. And then they leave. Then it’s back to normal. The area is home once again, for one solid year, to the occasional wayward travelers, interesting natives, and maybe a lost person or two. There are several bars to hang out in town with the locals, and they are an interesting lot. To describe it as best as I can, the town is truly the last frontier. Many people there carry guns on them, and by this, I mean on their hips. Actual modern-day desperadoes, protecting their person, property and honor with a trusty sidearm. The Mexicans who cross over illegally search for protection in the hills, and sometimes at night you can see their campfires in the hillside. I give you all this information because it is appealing to people like me. This type of land, and this type of people, share a kinship with me and others like me. That’s why I bought 20 beautiful acres there…and I did it online…through eBay…and it was only $2,500. Can you believe that? For $2,500, I bought the equivalent of 25 football fields of land less than one mile from the Terlingua Ranch Lodge, which hosts a swimming pool, restaurant, bar and nightly musical entertainment from the natives. The night air is sweat, and the people are totally cool. Many are outsiders, and many are running from something…either the law, their past, or maybe themselves. Who knows? But it’s cool. I promise. And I can’t believe it’s so cheap, and that I bought it off of eBay. But let me tell you, it wasn’t a fluke. The land really is cheap. All you have to do is check it out for yourselves. Bid on it yourselves, or buy it from a realtor in the area. Either way, it’s dirt cheap. And the land will rise in value in the next few years. Especially with the cultivation of wind technology used to produce clean energy. My land has doubled in value in the short time that I’ve owned it…and it is still cheap enough that most people could buy it with their credit cards and not even flinch. I’ve included photos of my land on this post, as welll as other area-related things you might be interested in. If you like the land, check it out on ebay. It’s awesome. Or call a realtor and buy some…we can be neighbors. All I ask is that if you like what you get, you don’t forget to tell people it was me, Bradley D. Pettit who told you where to find some of the cheapest, coolest, and affordable Texas land for purchase online!