Cheap Medieval Wedding Dresses

The medieval period ranged from about 1050 to 1300, but many of the styles are still popular today for costumes and clothing for special events. It was during the medieval period when a great change in fashion occurred with the discovery of beautiful new fabrics such as velvet, silk, satin, and damask. Fabrics with bright colors, intricate patterns, buttons, jewels, and fur trimming were all the rage. Long gowns were also popular. The ladies started wearing corsets to slim and elongate their waist, and their skirts were full and long, further accentuating an hourglass figure. The gowns were ornate and expensive, and included accessories such as head bands and ribbons. The clothing was well-tailored and form-fitting, very similar to modern formal wear and bridal gowns.

The clothing of this period, especially wedding dresses, were closely linked to a person’s wealth. Those with higher social standing and more wealth wore extremely ornate gowns for their weddings. Those of more modest means wore less ornate gowns, but like today, the wedding dresses were still considered more of an investment than everyday wear.

Cheap Medieval Wedding Dresses.

Today, you can still be married in the style wedding gown that was worn during medieval time. In many cases, this can be accomplished without overspending. A wedding gown is another part of your wedding budget, so the more you spend on the gown the less you have to spend on another aspect of your wedding. To save money and leave room in the budget for your overall dream wedding, consider buying a pattern for a medieval dress and sewing it yourself. You can also buy a used dress from a Renaissance festival or theater performance. Dresses that are slightly damaged might also be available for a discount. If the damage is minimal, a dry cleaner or tailor will likely be able to make the repair.

Shopping for Cheap Medieval Wedding Dresses

One of the best places to find cheap medieval wedding dresses is on Ebay. There are also good ones at, which has wide selection of authentic medieval clothing. has an even wider range from which to choose and the prices are comparable. Custom-made dresses are available at and are a great way to get exactly what you want. Another great place to check is They have a wide range of historically themed wedding dresses. Thrift stores in your area are another option, but if you find a dress you like it might only be available in one size.


  • Look for dresses with a fitted bodice, a flowing skirt, and fitted sleeves that flair at the end, even if it is not specifically a medieval period dress. This recreates the style of dress that was popular during that time.
  • The color does not have to be white. Jewel-tone shades such as blue, red, purple,and green were popular during the medieval period.
  • Choose cheaper fabrics if you are having a dress custom-made. Lighter materials are less authentic, but are cheaper and will be more comfortable on your wedding day.