Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a special day for most families. It is the time of year when kids and fathers can pause and honor the lady who holds their family together. Usually, mom is showered with gifts. Though the gifts can be elaborate and expensive, they do not have to cost a bundle. No matter how much you spend, your mother will appreciate the effort put into finding the right gift for her.

Cheap Mother’s Dat Gifts Under $5

The cheaper the gift the more work you might have to put into it. These inexpensive gifts are ideal for small children to give.

  • Buy a Mother’s Day card and a bag of assorted candies. Remove the candies from the package and wrap two handfuls in colored translucent paper. Choose her favorite type of candy or opt for healthier treats if she is watching her weight.
  • Buy her a single rose. Sometimes a simple gesture such as this from a child is more heartwarming than an entire bouquet of flowers. It saves money and still says “I love you.” Have your child create a card or handwritten letter to accompany the rose.

Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $10

Candles are usually a big hit with moms. Buy aromatic candles in favorite scents such as coffee or vanilla. You can combine a large candle with a rose and a card, or make any other combinations you know mom will like.

Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20

  • Take mom on a picnic in her favorite park or outside at your home. The key to this picnic is to make sure the food is picnic-appropriate. Food should be fairly non-perishable and you should include all of the utensils necessary for eating outdoors. Choose a bottle of wine or sparkling cider to accompany the meal for an extra special touch.
  • Make a gift basket. Combining mom’s favorite things in a basket is always a winner. Make a gift basket with an assortment of mom favorite snacks, bath products, magazines, and any other products you know she will love.

Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

  • Take her to brunch, lunch, or dinner. You can choose an inexpensive restaurant if cost is an issue. Another great way to save on an elegant meal is to split the cost with a sibling. If you have brothers or sisters, plan to take mom out and share the check.
  • Take her on a mini-shopping spree. Set a price limit and encourage her to choose an item that falls within the range. You can make a coupon ahead of time that is good for “one gift of choice” from you. The key to a gift such as this is not the amount you spend, but the time you spend together. Include lunch or a coffee date while you shop. You are giving mom your time and the two of you can bond while you shop.

The most important thing about buying a cheap mother’s day gift is not about the money you spend but the thought that goes into the gift. For more gift ideas visit