Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

If you are looking for the best possible rates or the lowest premiums for motorcycle insurance, you do not have to sacrifice quality of coverage. Just because you do not want to spend a lot on insurance does not mean you need to put your body, your bike, or the protection of others at risk. Cheap motorcycle insurance is available, as long as you are willing to do some research and compare prices. Begin your search with an understanding of a few insurance terms:

Liability Insurance  This insurance includes a personal injury clause, as well as a property damage clause. With this, you are covered in the event of an accident or crash that results in an injury to another person or a collision that damages another person’s property.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage  This is coverage that protects you in the event that the other party has little or no insurance coverage, and is responsible for causing an accident that damages your body or your bike.

Medical Payments  This type of coverage ensures that medical care is paid for if a person is injured in an accident, regardless of where the fault lies.

Full Coverage Insurance This coverage includes comprehensive/collision coverage that enables the rider to receive payment for the repair of the motorcycle regardless of who is at fault. It also covers incidents of vandalism, loss, or theft.

Another component of full coverage insurance is custom parts and accessories coverage. This is additional coverage that protects the bike owners in the event that a part becomes damaged during an accident. Riders are reimbursed for their parts and accessories. The last component of  full coverage insurance is roadside assistance. This covers the rider in the event of a breakdown on the road, if the motorcycle becomes stuck in mud or snow, and also provides towing services and repair.

Money Saving Tips for Buying Motorcycle Insurance

  • Consider changing providers if your rate is raised or if you think you could find a lower rate. Whenever a better deal comes along that better suits your needs or is more affordable, you have the option of cancelling the old policy. Most companies provide a refund when a policy is cancelled.
  • Shop with local insurance companies. Many times local brokers offer more reasonable deals than large out-of-state companies
  • Be a low-risk riders. Your driving record will affect your rate, so do all you can to be safe driver. You will also be asked where you store your bike. The safer the area in which you live, the lower your rate. Consider keeping your bike indoors when you are not riding it.
  • Consider getting a smaller motorcycle. Smaller, less expensive bikes are often cheaper to insure, as long as they are still safe.
  • Combine your motorcycle insurance policy with other insurance: you can double up on car insurance for you and other family members, or choose the same company to cover your home or RV.

Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Providers

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