Cheap MP3 Players

There are many very expensive MP3 players on the market today and buying a brand name device usually means an expensive price tag. Many people prefer the brand name devices because of reputation and reliability, but there are many great players available that are not made by the most well-known companies. There are plenty of cheap MP3 players available that work just as well as the more popular devices.

Cheap MP3 players are not hard to find, but finding one does require a lot of time and research. It is possible to find the popular brand name products for a cheaper price if you know where to look You can also find off-brand items for a lower price, even though they are still high quality devices.


There are many different types of MP3 players available. Each offers a variety of features that may or may not be what you need. The fewer features a device has, the cheaper it will sell for. Though you do not want to get something just because it is cheap, take some time to determine what features will benefit you most. This way you will not be paying for features you will never use.


The most popular MP3 players are those that carry the most internal space. Small megabyte drives are becoming a thing of the past. Many people want four or eight gigabyte players. This saves you from buying a new device when your music library grows beyond your original player. Instead of buying two cheap MP3 players, invest in one with a slightly higher cost and more memory. In the long run this is going to save you money.

User Interface

The user interface of the device is important, as well. Usability is one of the main factors that help a person determine which device will work for them. The more complicated a device, the longer it takes to learn how to use. If you are looking for basic, cheap MP3 players, choose one that has a simple user interface.

Additional Features

Some players come with additional features such as video players, a photo gallery, FM radio and even an e-book reader. These cheap MP3 players are very popular because of their multi-faceted features, but the more features you select, the higher the cost will be. Make sure you will use the added features before paying more for the device.


The market is growing and many well-known brand names have begun to cut the cost of their MP3 players in order to compete. You can find cheap MP3 devices such as iPods or Zunes for lower prices than a few years ago. The devices also go on sale throughout the year, so find the best time to shop and make your purchase during a big sale. This way you can get a brand name device for no more than the cost of cheap MP3 players.

Where to Find Cheap MP3 Players

The Internet is the best place to find cheap mp3 players, but buyers need to use caution. Auction sites such as Ebay offer thousands of auctions for cheap MP3 players. Before you purchase, read the feedback from other buyers and do your best to make sure you are receiving the item you believe you are buying.