Cheap Old Cars for Sale

There are a number of different classifications when it comes to “old cars.” Classic cars are usually considered older cars between 20 to 40 years of age. Cars older than 45 years are considered antique or vintage. Though these cars are old, they are not necessarily cheap. If you are looking for cheap old cars for sale, you will want to avoid specialty cars or cars in mint condition. It is possible to find a vehicle for less than $2,000, if you are willing to sacrifice things like comfort, style, and body condition. Your best bet is to work with private sellers, but there are used car dealers that specialize in cheap old cars.

What to Look for in a Cheap Old Car

The first thing to look at is the engine. Check the year, make and type of the car. If you buy an old car with a bad engine, it will likely cost you more money to repair and maintain than if you had purchased a more expensive vehicle to begin with. Look for worn out transmission problems and other potential problems that could cost you in the future. Cars that have not been cared for are likely going to cause you a lot of problems, but it is possible to find well-maintained cars that are 10 or more years old that are in great shape.

You will also want to check the vehicle history. There are services online that can help you review the car history based on the vehicle’s identification number (VIN). If you are considering a specific car, ask the seller for the VIN number and review the car’s history. This way you will know if the mileage is accurate and if the car has been in any accidents.

Test drive the car  at high and low speeds. Listen for unusual sounds, and see if there are vibrations, shaking, or steering difficulties. Check the brakes for abnormalities and let the car idle for awhile. You might want to consider having your personal mechanic look it over. Remember, you are getting what you pay for, but you still want a car with a strong engine and functional breaks. It may not be a good idea to buy a car with a serious problem even if the car is cheap. Ideally you will need to look for a car in good condition and is reasonably priced.

Where to Find Cheap Old Cars for Sale

To find cheap old cars you will need to check the car websites in your area and the classified advertisement section in your local news paper preferably on a Sunday. The used car dealers lots, public auctions, and repossessed cars from banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions also offer good deals. You can also try eBay Motors.

Tip and Warnings

  • Check that the essential documents like the registration, fitness, title are up to date and are legal. Understand the car transfer process in your area. This includes the transfer of ownership, the bill of sales, the registration of the car.
  • Speak with your insurance company to make sure they will provide coverage for the car. Some companies are unwilling to insure older cars or only offer limited policies for cheap older cars