Cheap Patio Cushions

If you intend to use your outdoor space as a living space, you will want to make it as comfortable as possible. Many of the same furniture items and accessories found indoors enhance an outdoor space, too. Furnishing a patio can be expensive, so you need to shop for deals on the items your purchase. There are plenty of places to find affordable outdoor furniture and cheap patio cushions.

What to Consider

Patio cushions come in different shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Though you have several options, you should choose a fabric that is weather resistant. Even if you are forced to bring the cushions in during the dead of winter or when the weather is especially harsh, weather resistant cushions will hold up fairly well in light rain and snow. Though you might have to spend a bit more for a quality, weather resistant fabric, it will save you in the long-run because you will get a lot of use out of the cushions before they need to be replaced. You should also choose cushions that have UV protection so they do not fade as fast.

Another way to save on cheap patio cushions is to mix and match cushions. Many cushions come in matched sets, but these can cost more than mixing cushions. Busying individual cushions saves you money and gives your patio an interesting, eclectic look.

Getting the Best Deals

One of the best ways to save is to buy cushions out of season. If you shop for cushions during the fall and winter months, you will find deep discounts on the previous seasons products.

Shop Online

Shopping online allows you to compare a variety of different rates and have your cushions shipped directly to your home. There are several websites that sell cheap patio cushions, including,,, and

Tips for Buying Cheap Patio Cushions

There are a number of others ways to save on cheap patio cushions:

  • Buy cushions with a durable construction (cushions with serge seams and zippered closings).
  • Choose standard shapes. Custom designed or unique cushions are likely going to cost more.
  • Consider buying in bulk. If you have several pieces of furniture, you might be able to get cheaper rates. You can also consider selling the extras online or to neighbors.
  • Shop at retail stores like Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart. These stores usually have great bargain deals on seasonal items.
  • Garage sales and yard sales are also a great resource for acquiring cheap patio cushions.
  • Avoid designer cushions. If you want something unique, buy standard cheap patio cushions and add your own embellishments.

Make Your Own Cheap Patio Cushions

Making your own cushions allows you to create unique designs without spending a lot on customization. You can find simple patterns online for cushions or you can create your own from scratch. This ensures your cushions will look exactly as you imagine them and you will save a great deal of money. Be sure to choose quality fabrics that are not too expensive.