Cheap Patio Furniture

A patio is a great place for relaxation as long as you have the right furniture. Your furniture will complete the look of your patio. With a few tips you can find some cheap patio furniture to give your patio the attractiveness you desire.

What to Look For

  • When searching for cheap patio furniture look for those that are weather resistant, long-lasting and strong. It is best to look for furniture made of wood, aluminum, wicker, wrought or cast iron and plastics.
  • Wood Furniture. Wood patio furniture come in a variety of designs and are very smooth and soft to touch. They are made from cedar, pine, oak, mahogany and teak. Cedar is very resistant to decay, pine is the cheapest type of wood and teak is the strongest and most durable.
  • Aluminum Furniture. This type of furniture is very durable, non-rusting and highly resistant which makes it ideal for patio furniture.
  • Wicker Furniture. This type of furniture is both inexpensive and sturdy. However wicker furniture needs usual cleaning to avoid mold setting into it. It needs to be cleaned with a damp and then a dry cloth.
  • Wrought Iron Furniture. You can find cheap wrought iron patio furniture at bargain stored and clearance sales. Wrought iron is however very heavy and needs to be painted to avoid the iron from rusting.
  • Cast Iron Furniture. This type of furniture is also a very durable one but is also quite heavy. Cast iron furniture adds class and sophistication to a patio and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Plastic Furniture. Plastic patio furniture requires little or no maintenance as compared to the previous types of furniture mentioned. Plastic patio furniture is the cheapest type of furniture. However it is less sturdy and less durable than other types of furniture.

It is important that you look for cheap patio furniture that is of quality and will last more than two years.

Getting the Best Deals

Cheap patio furniture can be acquired from many sources. The most obvious being online retailers as they usually offer eye-catching discounts on special occasions. You can check out,,,,,, and for great, inexpensive deals on patio furniture.

If you have a taste for vintage patio furniture an ideal place to find cheap patio furniture is at flea markets. You can go early to get first-hand pick at the good things or at the end of the day when the seller is anxious to let go the pieces instead of bringing them back home so it s easier to hit a good deal. Another good source for cheap patio furniture is at consignment, antique and thrift stores.

There is also the option of making your own furniture. All you have to do is get a book or go online for the instructions of how to make whatever furniture you wish to make. Instead of immediately replacing patio furniture, find ways of repairing and refurbishing them. You may just need to tighten or replace a screw or two or sand, strip and refinish wood and iron furniture. Adding a new coat of paint or stain to a piece of furniture can work wonders for that piece. Use your creativity and take time to find innovative ways of reusing or recycling an existing piece of furniture.