Cheap Perfume

Everyone loves perfume, but not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on expensive fragrances. There are ways to find inexpensive perfumes without sacrificing quality. The worst thing you can do is buy cheap perfume that smells cheap. Wearing no perfume is better than wearing perfume that smells cheap. However, there are ways to find expensive designer fragrances for a cheaper price.

Nicer perfumes have a tendency to linger gently. Cheap perfumes overwhelm with scent, but often only last a short time. They might also have a strong scent of alcohol. The best perfumes are comprised of 20 to 40% aromatics which is what causes the lasting scent.

Shoppers can also choose from options that are similar to perfumes, but not a concentrated. A parfum is not as concentrated and consequently not as strong or lasting as perfume. Parfums are comprised of 10 to 30% aromatics. Eau de toilette is perfume solution that is weakened by water and has only 3 to 8% of aromatics. Most designer fragrances come in one of these three variations, but many are offered in more than on option. Body lotions and soaps might also be an option, so if you want the scent to last a long time, apply it in layers.

Top 5 Discount Perfume Sites

Discount prices and free shipping on select orders are some of the methods used by websites to attract shoppers. Though there are many cheap perfume sites, some seem to have an edge over the competition, so take time to shop around and compare products and prices. These are commonly considered the best discount perfume sites: The prices for some of the best-known designer fragrances on are some of the best around. Another great feature of this site is free shipping available anywhere in the world. The site also offers  a rewards program that allows customers receive one point for every $1 spent. Products can also be purchased in sample sizes, so customers can try them before investing in a full-size bottle. This is helpful because fragrance is very subjective and can change based on a person’s body chemistry. Th site also offers amazing deals and offers and is the best site for cheap perfumes online. This site scores big points for reasonable prices and dynamic features. These include discounts of up to 70%, online beauty tips ,a free gift with purchase, and half-off specials.  There is a wonderful kiddie section which features fragrances from the Backyardigans, BluesClues, Barbie, and many more, all offered at reasonable prices. This site offers a $5.95 shipping fee for every purchase, as well as online coupons. The discounts are noteworthy and the site is easy to navigate. They have all the hottest brands and offer free membership programs. This site offers 10% off all purchases, a gift-giving guide, free subscription to the US Journal with every $20 purchase, and free shipping in the United States. It also features gift sets at reasonable prices for men and women, a fragrance rating, and a 10% off instant coupon. The downside of the site is prices are not as competitive as other sites. This site offers a wide selection of organic perfumes that are ideal for people who are  normally allergic to perfume. It also sells travel size beauty products and amazing gift sets, and offers some of the hottest brands at reasonable prices. Sephora offers shoppers an opportunity to get numerous free samples with their order and there is a frequent buyer program that allows members to earn free points toward gift items. Free shipping is available for orders over $50.