Cheap Prom Dresses

Shopping for a cheap prom dress does not mean you have to settle for something unattractive or poorly constructed. The best prom dresses are stylish, attractive, and affordable. Since most dresses fall into the category of formal wear, they can cost more than everyday clothing. However, it is possible to find cheap prom dresses that look great and will help you make your special evening perfect. Finding affordable prom dresses will take a bit of research, but wearing a great dress to prom makes it well worth the effort.

Cheap Prom Dress Styles

Style choices for prom dresses are nearly endless, but the style will affect the cost of the dress. Longer dresses are usually more expensive than cocktail prom dresses or knee-length prom dresses. Dress with embellishments are going to cost more than those that are simple and plain. It is possible to find very elegant prom dresses that are basic and affordable. Finally, the style of the dress will also affect alterations. If you plan to have your dress custom-tailored, choose a prom dress style that is simple to alter.

If you have your heart set on a certain type of dress, consider ways in which you can make the dress cheaper. For instance, if you love the idea of wearing a red dress covered in sequins and rhinestones, choose a short style to save on cost. If you love the idea of wearing a long, elegant prom dress, choose a basic design in a less expensive fabric.

Cheap Prom Dresses Online

The Internet is a great place to find affordable prom dresses. The site has a variety of dresses in all styles and sizes. Most of the dresses are priced below $100 and they promise to beat the price of a dress if you find it cheaper elsewhere.

Another great online resource is This site offers a wide variety of formal dress categories so your search will be organized and fun. Dresses are priced as low as $50 and they also feature cocktail dresses, ballroom gowns, bridesmaid dresses, evening gowns, and homecoming dresses.

Searching online for sales is a great idea, but make sure you do not limit your search to only cheap prom dresses. Search all types of formal wear and party dresses for the most comprehensive results.

Exchange Programs for Cheap Prom Dresses

Another option are prom dress exchange programs. These programs are a great way to buy cheap prom dresses. Girls are able to sell, trade, or donate their dresses from previous occasions. One of these programs, The Glass Slipper Project, is based in Chicago, but offers dresses nationwide. The program donates dresses to boutiques across the country, based on need. Formal Xchange is an online exchange program offering girls free dresses, less the cost of shipping and handling. The dresses have all been worn one time, but are in excellent condition and a great option for girls on a tight budget.

If you prefer to purchase your prom dresses from a traditional retailer, you still have plenty of options. Stores such as Ruche, Forever 21, JCPenny, and Macy’s all sell prom dresses. Many of these stores offer coupons online or in print advertisement, and they have seasonal sales. If you know you will be attending a formal event in the future, purchase your dress during an end of season sale during the previous season. For instance, shop for your prom dress when homecoming dresses are on clearance in the fall.