Cheap Rims

There is more to tire rims than just jaw-dropping flashiness or accessorizing your car for fun. Rims can improve the performance and safety of a vehicle. Whether you are interested in rims because you want a great new look for your car or you are purchasing them for practical purposes, there are a few things you need to know about shopping for cheap rims.

Consider the Quality of Cheap Rims

When it comes to rims, spending  a little more is sometimes the best option. For example, Konig Wheels is known for their high-quality, low-priced wheels and rims. They manufacture rims that have the look of top brands at prices that are much lower than the competitors. The only difference is the logo is for Konig instead of other well-known brands. In general, the materials used to make Konig rims are the same quality of those used to make higher-end, more expensive rims.

Where to Find Cheap Rims

The majority of wheel vendors offer a wide range of affordable custom wheels, with the same quality of performance as the expensive ones.

  • Rims Sales  A great place to start is at a local shop. Rims that have been on the sales floor longest are usually the cheapest. From time to time, manufacturers offer discounts to make room for new inventory, especially if they will be discontinuing a line. These are not always easy to spot, so it may just be a matter of timing. Even if there is no advertised sale, you can always try bargaining for a better price if you know the store is trying to unload the product.
  • Used Rims  The options here are endless! There are a lot of people trying to get rid of old rims and earn some money toward the purchase of new ones. You can benefit from their upgrade. Sites such as eBay and other automotive sites, as well as the classifieds and local “for sale” boards are excellent places for finding cheap rims. It is often better to buy from local sources, because it makes it easier to check out the quality of the merchandise before actually buying.
  • Steelies  They are almost literally a dime a dozen, especially when they are bought used. These black painted (easy-to-rust) rims are the cheapest rims available and will often have hubcaps to make them more attractive. These can be bought straight from a dealer, but steelies are also sold at more affordable prices at any generic auto parts store.
  • Online Retailers Buying cheap rims online can work out better because online distributors have fewer costs than those in a shop location. The cost of shipping may cause the price to increase significantly, but some packages include free shipping, especially in the case of closeout deals. There is also a better chance of getting a deal if wheel and tire packages are purchased, too. In any case, shopping around is a good idea, because quality does not have to cost a fortune.