Cheap Stocking Stuffers

Finding inexpensive gifts for stocking stuffers can set your shopping budget back far more than you anticipate. Instead of  giving up on stocking stuffers or overspending on items that should be quick, small gifts, consider some of these ideas for cheap stocking stuffers.

Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Kids

What does your child like? Thinking about this before shopping makes life a lot easier. There are some gifts no child can resist:

  • Books and Stickers Choose story books or coloring books, about their favorite characters. Children go crazy for stickers, so grab some of those too!
  • Toys Whether cars, planes, Legos, or dolls, children love getting new toys. Stores like Target and WalMart offer great deals on cheap toys.
  • Gadgets Children love gadgets like yo-yos (especially the kind with lights), character keychains, and cheap electronic games such as Tetris.
  • Puzzles and Craft Supplies

Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Teenage boys and girls are so different, yet there are some gifts loved by both genders.

  • Gift Cards They will definitely love iTunes or WalMart gift cards, because they get to choose exactly what they want.
  • Pre-Paid Cell Phone Cards
  • Earbuds and other music-player accessories
  • Hobby Items
  • Money
  • School supplies

Teenage Boys

  • Practical Items Razors or razor blades, a wallet, a toolkit,or anything that comes in handy when traveling.
  • Sports-related Items

Teenage Girls

  • Make-up, Perfume, or Nail Polish
  • Jewelry Try to choose colors that can go with just about anything and include a few crazy pieces.
  • Funky Socks  Choose crazy colors and patterns. You can usually find cheap socks at Wal-Mart and similar stores.
  • Journal and Pens
  • Graffiti T-Shirts

Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Mom and Dad

For Mom:

  • Jewelry
  • Bath Sets
  • Gift cards  Choose from practical or indulgent stores, such as WalMart or Bath and Body Works
  • Family Scrapbook
  • Personal Letter
  • Help around the House

For Dad:

  • InexpensiveCologne
  • Novelty Tie
  • Good Behavior Promises from Kids
  • Gift Cards
  • Magazine Subscription

Shopping online might be cheaper, but pay attention to shipping cost. If you take the time to consider what your friends and family would truly enjoy, you can come up with a number of ideas for stocking stuffers. Instead of spending a lot of money, create unique, personal gifts they are sure to remember for a long time. Remember, Christmas is about the spirit of the season, not how much you spend. In addition to the gift items put into a stocking, also add in expensive items such as candy and fruit.





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    I’m not really sure how much you spend on stocking stuffers, but I think a watch, tie or cologne is a little much?