Cheap Super Bowl Tickets

Even the most casual football fans would love to attend the Super Bowl. It is the pinnacle of every football season and often considered the greatest spectacle in all of sports. Whether your team is a contender or the season has already ended for the players from your hometown, the Super Bowl is still an exciting event. The average person celebrates Super Bowl weekend at home with friends and family. Some people attend parties at bars and restaurants. A lucky few get to actually go to the Super Bowl game. Tickets are usually very expensive, but there are a few tricks to finding cheap Super Bowl tickets. If you want to attend this year’s game, here are some tips for finding tickets you can afford.

Understanding the Super Bowl

In rare instances, people who know only a little about NFL football will want to purchase tickets for the big game. The tickets might be a gift for a friend or loved one, or the tickets might be used as a tool to impress clients or colleagues. Regardless of your level of fan-ship, the Super Bowl is a big social event. Some people want to attend the game even if they have never watched a single regular season game. The event is comparable to a huge concert tour by a well-known band. You might not be a big Beatles’ fan, but if you were offered a ticket for their reunion tour, you would be unlikely to turn it down.

Finding Cheap Super Bowl Tickets

Surprisingly, as popular as the tickets are, there are still some places to find cheap Super Bowl Tickets. You can check ticket sales outlets such as TICKETMASTER, but you are unlikely to have much luck after the initial sale. Typically, fans buy ticket packages that include hotel accommodations, parking permits, and tickets to pre-game events. You are likely to have more luck attending the events during the week leading up to the Super Bowl than you are getting tickets to the game. You still get to experience the Super Bowl and enjoy events such as fan festivals and autograph shows, but you save hundreds of dollars by not buying a ticket to the actual game.

If you are planning to visit the host city during Super Bowl Week, look for cheap airfare from websites such as Sometimes these vacation packages also include cheap Super Bowl tickets to the actual game, so be sure to find out what is included in a package before making your purchase.

If your heart is set on attending the game, but you are on a limited budget, there are a few websites that offer cheap Super Bowl tickets. The NFL offers a ticket exchange that allows fans with tickets to sell them if they plan to not use them. If someone has been lucky enough to snag Super Bowl tickets, but plans to skip the game, he can post the tickets on for other fans to buy. Other sites that offer cheap Super Bowl tickets include,,,, and

Avoiding Cheap Super Bowl Ticket Scams

When shopping for your cheap Super Bowl tickets, know how to spot a scam. Tickets are not going to be dirt cheap. If the deal seems too good to be true, you are probably buying counterfeit tickets. The NFL is very capable of spotting counterfeit tickets at the gates, so do not expect to get into the game with a fake ticket. It is also important to protect your financial information when making a purchase. You do not want to hand over your financial information to an unscrupulous broker, no matter how much you want cheap Super Bowl tickets.