Cheap Swimsuits

Swimsuits have changed a great deal over the years and in many ways, styles have returned to their roots. Up until the last few centuries, people would swim without clothing. For a period of time, women were required to cover most of their skin with loose-fitting material. As early as the twentieth century, both men and women wore suits that covered their thighs and chests. Today, though, swimsuits cover only what is necessary, bringing them as close to swimming in the buff as possible. Since they require minimal material to construct, it is possible to find cheap swimsuits in many styles and designs.

Cheap Swimsuit Styles

These days, cheap swimsuits are available in all styles and sizes. They are usually made of a lycra spandex blend of material, but there are some exceptions. Some suits feature netting or embellishments, and others are constructed using crochet. Designers and manufacturers need to choose materials that hold up well in water, so their design choices are somewhat limited. If you are looking for a cheap swimsuit, you will probably need to choose a standard materials and avoid the embellishments and completely unique designs.

There are plenty of suit styles that are affordable and well-constructed. Prices are usually comparable between bikinis and one-piece suits, depending on where you are shopping. Even men’s swimsuits are usually in the same price range as women’s. Children’s suits might be a bit cheaper because they require less material, but they often feature licensed characters, which increases the price.

Shopping for Cheap Swimsuits

There are plenty of places you can find cheap swimsuits. Stocking up on inexpensive swimsuits is especially important if you plan to swim while on vacation. You will likely not have access to a washing machine and you will want to avoid wearing the same swimsuit too many days in a row. If you are able to find a few cheap swimsuits, you can enjoy your vacation without concern for washing your suit or wearing the same suit again and again.

You can find cheap swimsuits at stores such as Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s. The deals are even better if you are able to shop at the end of the swimsuit season. Suits are often discounted as much as 80-90% because retailers want to clear the sales floor for cold-weather clothing. Swimsuits usually hit the shelves in late winter, but you are unlikely to find a great deal until later in the season.

Another great place to find cheap swimsuits is online. You can search for inexpensive swimsuits on sites such as, and Sites specifically dedicated to cheap swimsuits include and Those searching for plus-size swimsuits should take a look at Suits are also sold by The retail stores mentioned above also have websites that sell swimsuits and you are likely to have luck finding a suit year-round. Remember though, you will need to pay shipping costs on most sites if you buy cheap swimsuits online.