Cheap Theatre Tickets

If you are planning a trip to the theatre to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster or independent film, there are ways to get cheap theatre tickets without the hassle.

Search Engines

There are several search engines available that will help you purchase cheapest theatre tickets. Websites like help you search for cheap theatre tickets around the Internet. The website allows users to compare rates using other linked search engines which give the lowest all-round price for the tickets. This not only saves you money on the tickets, it saves time on the search.

Theatre Websites

A theatre’s website is one of the best places to find cheap theatre tickets, especially if you plan to attend a show during the holidays. Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Christmas and Independence weekends present excellent opportunities for theatre lovers to take advantage of cheaper tickets. You might have to wait in a long line if you wait to purchase tickets in person. Buying ahead of time on the site also guarantees you will have a seat when you arrive at the theatre. Theatres are usually really crowded for the holidays, so purchasing cheap theatre tickets in advance is a great idea.

Ticket Consolidators

Another option for cheap theatre tickets is a ticket consolidator. These companies buy tickets in bulk and resell them at discounted prices. Consolidators can be of great help if one hopes to get dirt cheap theatre tickets to movies that are selling out. Ticket consolidators can also help you purchase tickets to special events.

Stand-by Tickets

Sometimes people who have purchased tickets in advance do not show up for the movie. The leftover seats are available for purchase shortly after the movie begins, usually at a cheaper rate. In some cases, since the tickets were already paid for, you can get your seat in the theatre for free. A theatre would rather make a little extra money on a ticket and fill their theatre instead of leaving the seat empty.

Fan Clubs

Some theatres offer frequent buyer discounts for loyal customers. These frequent buyer programs have proven advantageous for those who see a lot of movies in the same theatre. The club guarantees the customer will continue to attend movies at a particular theatre because they gain a benefit from their loyalty. Cheap theatre tickets are offered for those who are frequent buyers. Social networking sites are similar to fan clubs and those who “follow” or “like” a particular theatre enjoy access to special announcements and cheap theatre tickets.

Go in Groups

Group rates are normally cheaper than single rates, so attend movies with friends and family when possible. Group rates are usually only available in advance, so call ahead to make sure you can get cheap theatre tickets for your large group.

Business Benefits

If self-employed, see if your home business can get in on a corporate purchase plan with the theaters to get cheap tickets. You may need to buy your tickets in batches of twenty five or fifty, but if you see performances frequently, the savings will pay off in the long run. If you are a member of the National Association for the Self Employed, you can also get cheap theatre tickets through them.

Sometimes institutions like credit unions, business associations or schools offer cheap tickets. If you belong to a credit union or business association, see if they have a discount ticket program. If you’re a student, see if your school has cheap tickets to offer you.